[32x] IC² Faithful 32x32 1.6.5 [UPDATED FOR IC² 1.95b]

  • This texture pack is a continuation of the original Faithful IndustrialCraft by Vattic.

    Additional credits to Timmie3054 for helping me updating this pack to 1.23.

    Download main texture pack here


    Faithful 32x32 texture packs for IC² addons

    Offical Addons:
    Advanced Machines Original v1.3a (addon link)
    Charging Bench v1.81-1 (addon link)
    CompactSolars 2.0.0 (addon link)
    Modular Force Field System V1.2 Beta 6pr3_2 (addon link)

    Pending Addons:
    Advanced Solar Panels v2.1.0 (addon link)

    Report any texture errors in case you see one. :thumbsup:

    And here is an alternative version for those who wish to have the respective scanner looking slightly different from each other (install this after installing the original IC² Faithful 32x32 version.)

    (The one on the right should be the OV Scanner, although I haven't tested this myself yet I need someone to confirm that the new sprite corresponds to the OV Scanner. Please notify me in this thread whether I changed the wrong sprite or not.)

    Install instructions:

    * Download the latest MCPATCHER HD.
    * Follow the instructions on how to patch Minecraft for HD textures.
    * Download Vattic's Faithful 32x32 texture pack, or any 32x texture pack of your choice.
    * Put your chosen texture pack into %appdata%\.minecraft\texturepacks (for Mac and Linux search Google on where to put custom texture packs because I'm not familiar with installing textures on these systems.)
    * Download IC² Faithful 32x32.
    * From the IC² Faithful archive, simply drag the folders "armor" and "ic2" into the archive containing the texture pack you intend to use.
    * Then run the game, click "Mods and Texture Packs" and then your texture pack.
    * Good to go.

    * Installing texture packs for IC² addons is done using the same procedure. Just drag the downloaded content into the 32x texture pack of your choice.

    Are you an addon creator? Do you want a 32x version of your addon made? Or are you simply missing 32x textures for your favourite addon? Don't hesitate to ask me to make a 32x of it!
    Also, if you are an addon creator with a 32x version of your mod already featured here, and you make changes to your textures, I would be glad if you post a little notification about it, as a post or in a PM to me so we can keep things up to date as much as possible!

    To do:

    • *Fix look of batpacks to match originals better
    • Install instructions using OptiFine HD
    • Textures and sprites for various IC² addons
    • Fix 32x versions for all official addons



  • I normally use the Soartex 64x pack, but the guy who made IC sprites for it is no longer active, which is annoying. I like the look of this pack, thanks.

  • I normally use Soartex texture pack as well, however these look just as epic!
    Any plans on update to V1.00?

  • Any plans on update to V1.00?

    Of course.
    I am an avid player of Industrial Craft so i will update this texture pack whenever there will be new textures/sprites added to it.
    If there are new things in 1.00 (which there probably are) i will add these items later today.

  • Will definitely use this once either the HD fix or OptiFine are Forge-Friendly as it is my understanding that, at the moment, they conflict with Forge's custom render system.

    Great work, I loved the Faithful textures, this is simply breath taking.

  • Awesome!

    I scaled this up and started working on a Sphax (cheap ass won't do it himself :D ) IC2 pack. I already finished ores, ingots, dusts, tools, weapons and amor. Working on crystals as I write. No idea what I will do with all the machines tho, maybe Sphax will help out a little.


  • Cheers!

    You did an amazing job there! I use faithfull from time to time to get that original MC feeling and will use your pack for sure!

  • The item_0.png is not working. Both winzip and win rar are saying Error when trying to open it. All the other seem to work fine. Nice work by the way.

    I redown loaded it and it worked fine this time..... Must of got a bad download the first

  • Ummm
    how do I add i this texturepack?

    We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

  • also does anyone know how to install the buildcraft version of this texturepack?

    We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

  • I never liked texture packs apart from the default one, but since a week or so I started using this one. I generally don't like texturepacks what change the look of blocks, but this one is 'faithful' to the default one. Awesome job!

  • Not sure if there needs to be an update for 1.15, there didn't seem to be any new blocks or items.


    It has become a little stubbly. Implement facial hair growth in IC²? Vision continuously grows more furry until you shave. (approx once every 2 minecraft days ;P)

    Steve shaves with his chainsaw.
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