[GT-Suggestions] I still look at this Thread when I got out of Ideas for new things, yes really I do that. Even though I don't edit this Post anymore.

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    That would be funny lol.
    Sleeping would greatly reduce the toxicity levels, but give you a bad effect, the hangover (10s nausea every 1 min for 20 minutes, random damage once every awhile for the same time, just to tick the damage animation).
    Drinking mineral water would fasten fhe toxicity decrease.

  • I really do miss those glorious plasma generators. Maybe a plasma rifle would also be nice

    you know i'm on my way when the entire landscape is quarried out of existence, it shall strike fear of your petty existence!

  • Uvavuorite gems since they are the rarest garnet would be a small but appropriate addition to the mod.

    you know i'm on my way when the entire landscape is quarried out of existence, it shall strike fear of your petty existence!

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    More TC integration:

    Allow us to forcibly mutate crops using infusion enchanting.
    The research name would be "Infusion Induced Mutation" , would be a forbidden knowledge of the "taboo" level.

    Insert regular wheat seed, 8 redstone, lots of herba , auram, praecantatio, electrum and machina, obtain redwheat seed bag (1/1/1).
    Insert regular reed, 8 sticky resin , same essentia of the above, replacing the last two with instrumentum and machina, obtain stickyreed seed bag.
    Insert regular reed, 8 diamond dust, same essentia of the above, replacing the last two with vitreus and lucrum, obtain diareed seed bag.

  • Welol my quarries are too fast so anyway we could see higher level machines and solar panews it would make life much easier for me and my compact bases. Lvl5 is maybe 3 to 4 times lol 4 at least for the ore proccesino machines. In reality that's all I need

    you know i'm on my way when the entire landscape is quarried out of existence, it shall strike fear of your petty existence!

  • Is it possible to make internal storage for "modificators" in special devices?
    Example: Device: Plate bender, needs Circuits with different config for different output. Is it possible to store all types/kinds of circuit configurations inside machine? In a specail buffer.

  • Some automation-related suggestions :

    - Fluid Filter
    - Multiple Item Type Filter : Allowing 2 to 6 different item types depending on the tier
    - Remote Inventory Displayer (Cover ?) : Some kind of screen that displays in world the last item/fluid that went through the linked inventory, it being pipes, machines products...
    - Endgame fluid pipes without max capacity that instantly transfers its whole content, a bit like Pressure Pipes (http://www.minecraftforum.net/…unlimited-fluid-transport) but with power requirements.

  • I made a list with a few Ideas i had, sorted from easy to complex.

    - Maintenance needed covers
    Send out a RS signal when there is a Maintenance Problem in the machine it is attached to.

    - Plasma cutting mining tool
    3x3 area Jackhammer needs Nitrogenplasma as fuel. (But Fusion Reactor needed first.)

    - IC2 Steam compatibility
    GT Boiler can produce IC2 Steam/Superheated Steam (Larger change for the Large Boiler to get Maintanance Damage when using normal Water instead of distilled Water)
    GT Turbines can run on IC2 Steam/Superheated Steam and give back Distilled Water/Steam.

    - IC2 Heat-units/Kinetic-units compatibility

    - RS Logic Covers
    RS Input/Output/And/Or/Timer/Conducting Cover to attach a RS logic to GT Blocks.
    A combination of Redlogic and Buildcraft pipewires.

    - Moduar Armor
    A bit like the Factorio Armors. Place in Hotbar, right click to open a inventory grid.
    Additional with weight and processing power.
    Protection by inserting Plates.
    1000 armorpoints give 50% damage reduction, 2000 armorpoints 75%, 3000 armorpoints 87,5% (Diminishing returns. A bit like the Armor in Diablo3 works.)
    All GT Plates can be used, for example: An tungstensteel plate adds many armorpoints but a lot of weight. Steel medium armorpoints, medium weight. Aluminium low Armorpoints, low weight. Carbon Plates medium armorpoints, low weight.
    High weight brings slowdown and additional hunger. Platings need to be decided by slots used, armorpoints, weight. (Moderate protection without slowdown or immortal but slow as hell.)
    Batteries can be inserted to power electric Parts.
    Motors: Speedup to Counter weight and more. Higher level 2x speedup but 4x energyuse to save slots.
    Pistons: Jumpboost (uphill assist?)
    Field generators. Shieldpoints like the TC runic shielding.
    Some sort of Jetpack components. more of them = faster flying.
    Itemmagnet/automatic tractor beam?
    Can supply GT electric tools with Energy?
    Electrolyzer for underwater breathing.
    All Electric Components need processing power coming from circuits.
    Autofeeder feeding you with canned food or other processed foods (energy bars, flud foods?)
    IV dip to automaticly or on Hotkey apply potion effects.
    Multiple Leadplates/Dense Lead gives Hazmat Suit effect, but low armorpoints and high weight.
    IC2 Nightvision.
    An low tech/Bronzetech version that only can use Plates and not Electricity.
    5 Tiers of Electric Modulararmors with bigger Grids each level.
    Balanced around Nano/Quantum Suit, maybe replacing them. Superman like abilities possible but whould use as much energy as an Fusion reactor can produce.

    - Research
    A bit the basic idea of TC Research only with Technical/Industrial Setting. Also ways to allow specialization on MP Servers.
    Machines have to check a split set of Recipes. First the current global recipe set, second a central control Block in the Base with an certain range that has a special recipe set.
    The central Controller is bound to the research the Player placing it has done or saves recipes on paper/datastick/dataorb that can be put in there and even traded. (Player learns or has to keep researchnotes)
    Maybe even a way to implement Speed or efficiency Research for Players. Like a research reducing the EBF energy usage by 2% per level, or another rising the Steam Turbine efficiency 3% per level with an max
    of 10 levels and some sort of global limit of researches.
    The Controller has different Tiers: Wood, Bronze, LV, MV, HV,... for bigger range, higher level Researches and more efficiency.
    Every player has 1-2 free controllers and can get a few more for an expensive price.
    Researches need certain materials to be done and special machines. Up to an fully equipped Lap with cleanroom and many machines in the end.
    Special crafting table for Crafting of machines. Boni on Tools when research has been done for that.

  • Well, the armor kinda replaces MPS, but I think it's nice, and I think they should be 2 more plates : damascus steel plate : high protection, medium weight and composite carbon plate : Made out of carbon nanotube fiber and diamond fiber, very high protection, low weight, needs to be made in a special plasma assembler machine, which uses very hot plasma to assemble carbon nanotubes fiber and diamond fiber in a complex way.

  • Ooh god, I think I think I found a nice suggestion for GT, add methanphetamine, a new reason for RP in server, should be crafted in "insert crafting machine here" with the elements it's composed with, so we can do a breaking bad in GT ;D

  • All right, time for Ideas on high end tool materials:

    1. Nerv of current high end materials. There is a big gap between mid and high level materials.

    Material / Current Durability / Current Miningspeed / Nerved Durability / Nerved Speed
    Titanium / 256000 / 8 / 160000 / 7
    Tungsten / 512000 / 8 / 256000 / 7
    Iridium / 512000 / 6 / 256000 / 6
    Osmiridium / 300000 / 8 / 160000 / 7
    Tungsten Steel / 512000 / 10 / 256000 / 8

    2. New high end Alloys

    1 Tungsten(W) + 1 Carbon(C) in EBF -> Hot ingot into Freezer -> 1 Tungsten carbide(WC)
    Extreme Hardness, but breaks easily. So 128000 Dura, 14 Miningspeed, Mininglevel 4 (Weapton encant Sharpness V)

    7 Steel dust + 1 Vanadium + 1 Chrome = 9 Vanadium-Chrome-Steel in EBF (120EU/t cupnickel coils)
    192000 dura, miningspeed 3 mininglevel 3 (good for midgame in base tools but not for mining)

    HSS-G: 5 Tungstensteel dust + 1 Crome dust + 2 Molybdenum dust + 1 Vanadium dust
    High-Speed steel (what drills and saw blades are made from today)
    400000 Dura, 10 Miningspeed, Mininglevel 3

    HSS-E: 6 HSS-G dust + 1 Cobalt + 1 Manganese + 1 Silicon
    HSS-G with higher heat restist.
    512000 dura, 10 miningspeed, mininglevel 4

    Not a realistic alloy but as an alternative to HSS-E
    6 HSS-G dust + 2 iridium dust + 1 osmium dust
    300000 Dura, 14 Miningspeed, Mininglevel 4

    3. Hardening of Toolheads (Can be done with most of the advanced metallic materials)

    Laser surface hardening: Process Toolheads in Precision Laser Engraver (Slow but low energy usage like 240 sec, 20EU/t) Gives Hardend Toolheads, +20% Dura, +1 Miningspeed

    Nitriding: 1 Titanium + 2000L Nitrogen In chemical reactor (1024EU/t, 60 sec) procuces 1000L Titanium nitride (TiN)
    100L Titanium nitride + Toolhead in chemical reactor (20EU/t 150sec) produces Nitrided Toolhead, +30% dura, +2 Miningspeed

    Polycrystal Diamond + Advanced Nitriding:
    1 Carbon dust + 10l Titanium nitride in Chemical reactor (1024EU/t 10 sec) 10l Titancarbonitrid
    32 carbon dust + 1 tiny diamond dust in EBF (480EU/t or even 1024EU/t? 120 sec) produces 1 tiny polydiamond dust (type of artificial industry diamond, 50% harder than natural diamonds, state of the art for RL tools)
    1 full polydiamond dust + 100l Titancarbonitrid + Toolhead in chemical reactor (120EU/t 150sec) produces Nitrided Polydiamond Toolhead (+40% dura, +5 Miningspeed)

  • My brother made intresting suggestion:
    Glass arrows filled with potion of swiftness flies faster. (with potion of slowness, they should fly slower, huh?)

    I am both particle and wave.

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    What about making muffler hatches dispose of "pollution gas" (forge fluid) when dumping out multiblocks pollution?
    Said pollution gas would be like ThaumCraft flux gas, poisonous to the touch, would suffocate you and would fly upwards.
    If it hits the top of the world, it would then turn the biome/chunk (whichever way is best done) into polluted, causing crop damage and other things like.

    Aswell allow us to dump any fluid on the muffler hatch. It would result into dumping pollution gas on the atmosphere.