Awesome Buildings/Factories

  • My little lavacell.. i mean lag generator (ic2 + bc (+extra pipes + teleport pipes) + ee + wireless redstone)
    makes lava cells from nothing (it's because of EE's 2 glass -> 3 sand recipe) and burns them in 40 geothermal generators (probably need more as they are filling up with cells -_- )

  • very nice looking cactus farm you got there. and you can stick a quarry on top of that cobble stone generator to automate it. a quarry powered by 4 steam engine wont be fast enough to each through that line of water/lava. plus you won't need the obby pipe below. but you would need coal for those engines.

  • Can somebody me make Awesome factories like these Splendid ones here?

    you can!
    first install both of the awesome mods IC2 and BC 2.2.2
    if you want more options you could install Equivalent exchange and the BC plugin Teleport pipes (Additional Buildcraft pipes)

    and then the fun starts:
    first you need an idea, what do you want to do ? manufacture diamonds? or something else?
    when you have come up with and idea you must think through the steps required to obtain this goal.
    using the possibilities afforded to you by the mods, you cycle processing and crafting through the buildcraft framework.
    Most operations can be powered by wooden engines but BC machines such as quarries and pumps require stronger stuff.

    in general what factories you make will be more impressive the fewer mods and resources you use to make them to achieve the same goal.

    Hope this helps

    P.S. Google The mod names you do not know about.

  • Some details before pictures. 100% legit. Nothing spawned in. Doing the reactors was bloody annoying. I am using the Advance Machines mod, Advance Solar Panels mod, and Portable Pump mod. Bloody LOVE those advance machines and portable pumps ;)

    What else... Every house at mining site 1 was a mining location. I hate just plopping stuff down and not cleaning up so I built a house around each mining location as I went. At mining site 2, that's under the mountain that I'm standing on top of in the mining site 1 picture. Every Single block width pillar was a mining site. The 2x2 pillars are corners between mining sites. I just strip-mined the mountain from level 63 down.

    Lots of terraforming... I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

    My compound - From Left to Right - Mine Entrance (With magnetizer ladder) - Storage House (With Machine Room in basement) - My House (With Portal in basement) - Solar Power Plant (With Mass Fab in basement) - Nuclear Power Plant (With 3 Mark II reactors) - the rest are all gaurd towers:

    My 3 Mark II Nuclear Reactors (I used the design from Direwolf20's tutorial vids):

    My 2 Mining Sites (each house is a mining site):

    The texture pack is Jolicraft. I'm currently working on an extension for IC2 with the original artist's blessing.

  • I like how you built a house for each miner. Do you run the wiring underground, in the air, or sneaker-net it with power crystals? Also, have you thought of using buildcraft templates to build the house? I wonder if that would even work..

  • I like how you built a house for each miner. Do you run the wiring underground, in the air, or sneaker-net it with power crystals? Also, have you thought of using buildcraft templates to build the house? I wonder if that would even work..

    Sneaker it baby! I thought about running wiring and/or temp solar farms, but I did over half that field using regular mining drills so a stack of 6 Energy Crystals would feed 3 miners to bed rock. I also had a branch mine so I'd mine that at the same time. In fact, the entire mine field is in the opposite direction of my branch mine.

    Later, when I did "Great Hall" mine field, I had 4 miners fed by MFSUs and 4 Lapatrons. In that one I could barely keep up with the output so there was really no reason to wire it.

    I should note however that all my main buildings have basements and tunnels with wiring running underground from the power stations.

    Oh, and unfortunately a BC template wouldn't work for my mining shacks as they're multiple block types. You wouldn't believe how many trees I had to clear cut just for the wood on those things.

  • I installed IC2 and BC to my private server two weeks ago, and we love it! These are our main accomplishments:

    We fell in love with the solar panels almost immediately, so we're using them to power all the machines in our base. Currently there are two and a half stacks set up, we're aiming for the full 8 stacks (512/t)

    Let's get the most important thing out of the way first, all the basic machines:

    4 Induction furnaces
    10 Macerators
    2 Extractors
    2 Compressors

    All the machines except the furnaces are wired to dump their output to the chest on the right, like this

    What next you might ask? FOOD

    The wheat farm collects al the seeds and wheat with obsidian pipes, and theres an automatic crafting table turning the wheat to bread, and pushing it to our main storage area with pipes.

    Now, I had to study quite a long time until I understood how to wire up the mass fab to my energy grid, and this is what I came up with

    The main energy input line connects to the MFSU's and the mass fab, and it splits the current roughly equally this way. Input goes to the side, output comes from bottom (note: the glass fibre cables are separated via different colors, it's just a graphical bug) Using this setup allowed me to place the MFSU's for easy access to recharge any equipment/crystals one might have. The white/blue pipe is a teleporter pipe, connected to a cactus farm, providing the recycler with materials, and the moving them automatically to the mass fabricator.

    Everything you see here is legit

  • what solar setup are you using to get 64eu/t?

  • This is my cyrrent solar farm layout with a mirror of this behind me (unfinished though) I keep changing the layout every now and then, but the basic principles of my solar farms are always the same:

    Solar panels connected to tin wire -> LV Transformer(redstoned) (it can output up to a whopping 128 EU/t, it was coded to the mod to prevent bottlenecking in transforming currents) -> connected to an MV transformer (redstoned, again) -> glass fibre cable connected to EU storage and distribution

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    Well i guess its my turn now :P alright this is semi legit... meaning i did not spawn a single item but i do use equivalent exchange (some people regard that as cheating) but heres my place

    First of all heres my central part of my base (where the magic happens)

    secondly heres my machine setup

    theres 1 compressor, 1 extractor, 2 induction furnaces, 2 macerators and 2 recyclers

    my chest setup next

    top and bottom are all used, although lacking resources currently

    just behind my chest space is my glowstone room

    and next we have my oil storage building

    beyond that we have my water storage room

    to its left (i think) is my lava storage

    beside that i think is my fuel building to store fuel

    currently empty youll see why

    below my house is my automated cacti farm using obby pipe

    outside my house no on the roof is solar panels

    to the right of the pic is rubber tree farm

    brief overview of my house

    and the big building is this

    and now to my WIP fuel building

    well thats m current home although i need to expand dramatically its kinda cramped

  • Recently started all over again on my Private Server with friends :) ... Any tips to get our house started fast? I'll post a pic of my house later

  • Screw pics, I want a save file! (or schematic) I love seeing peoples auto systems and learning how to do it myself. I have yet to figure out how to even use/figure out BC (I don't get the whole engine system).

  • My bio power plant using forestry and transformers addon. 240 Biomassengine -> 3000EU/t

    Next stage will be converting wood in to fuel cans (using charcoal dust) and generators working on peat (making peat is the only way I know to producing dirt which is need to tree farms :) )