[1.7.10] Gregtech Hardmode Server (aka Kirara 2.0)

  • It doesn't work with GT ores for now.

    It works everywhere besides k3 with GT oregen.

    @not only quarries
    How do you plan to use it, besides quarries? Treefarms? We have Forestry and golems. All of the advanced programming can be done via Project-red Chamber for your own logics, or how you call it.

  • This is prob already reported, but on the update, all existing rtgs vanished, emaning i just lost all my 13, Bloody and Ba also lost alot more than me.

    and yes lately the K1 is unbearable.

    Check my channel on YT for finished LPs (GT4 and GT5 ), and some stuff on 1.6.4
    I am realy not good with speech and english.

  • Added:
    MobiusCore-1.2.3_1.7.10.jar (not needed on clients)
    Opis-1.2.3_1.7.10.jar (not needed on clients)

    sampler-1.10.jar (not needed on clients)

    Seems like some of this mods made a rejection for another mods, which are not installed on the server.
    I have mapwriter and it writes Mod Rejection:Map-Writer 2.1.2 every time.

    Mapwriter is client-mod. I also have OptiFine, but no problem connecting with it.
    Problem solved. I just installed JourneyMap.
    Taking my words back, problem was in my system.

  • Opis is a server monitoring tool that requires mobiusCore, the mapwriter refrence is because Opis is using a derivative of mapwriter as a basis for the map display ingame u get with opis. like chunkloaded, enteties etc and u also get a out of game interface so u can see whats going on more detailed on the server its installed on

    clients dont need it even if server has it installed to connect.

    optifine is a client mod and does nothing on a server (i believe the server wont even load because its tiggered as a CLIENT mod), same as armorhud status and alot of other mods like that.

    and yes i saw u updated it saying it was on ur end just putting it there for clearification or confusion :)

  • Thanks alot for explaining.
    For now, my map favorite will be probably JourneyMap. It's better even without function to change dimmensions automatically.

  • That moment when you have an hour to kill, and you've been off the server for a bit... so many changes... much modlist.... very discouraging :P

    I am yet to make it function properly for me.