Thank You Developers of Industrial Craft

  • Woot! Thanks So Much!
    This mod Rocks!!!
    :Industrial Diamond: :Energy Crystal: :Matter: :Uranium:

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  • This is the mod that brought me back to Minecraft after many months away from it.
    Now, with 1.337, the game is better than ever.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • there simply isn't words to describe my gratitude! :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond:

    i am afraid i must say; i am sorry i am the only person in my MC family that has seen the glory that is your mod! ;(

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  • Thankyou! IndustrialCraft² has been one of the few mods that have rocked my Minecraft worlds!

  • thanks for the mod its awesome. you guys are great been using this since wires were thought to be an impossible feat but here you are with i think the biggest mod out there. nice job. I would have quit minecraft forever ago if it were not for this mod. keep up the good work and don't turn into a notch.

  • I want to add my thanks to this thread as well. Without the incredible awesomeness of Industrialcraft 1 and 2, minecraft is just... barren. Its just little more than dull digging with the occasional excitement of finding DIAMONDS!!! ...And then its just back to the digging again. Vanilla has taken steps to making it more interesting, but really, without the mods I would just be playing terraria.

    Naturally, Millénaire and Buildcraft and the countless other minor mods that I have installed have my thanks as well. Especially in that one can support its development with rather than open their own wallets! That's always a plus!

    In conclusion, great work Dev team! Good luck on the next update! :thumbup:

  • i bought mw3 bt3 and more, but minecraft with your mod is better
    i played after the updat, the original, but annoyed, a lot, i got a lot of error in converted map, so i close it
    i'm waiting to play
    and i say thanks for the good work, i appreciate it, that is free, and i lice vanilla ice cream, but i like better a cup full of ic2 icecream (i like the cup) (sorry that i can't identify the color)


  • Thank you indeed. I <3 You ( so does MinecraftSheep )

    Starfishes Love you too.

    P.s. love the mod, keep up the great work :D

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  • Looks like I posted it under the wrong section the first time. I'm truly sorry, didn't think about going over here to look for it.

    Anyway, thank you guys you're doing an awesome work and great support. Thank for that :)

  • I must join this one
    Thank you so much for everything you do!
    Ive been playing this mod since the early minecraft beta and as long as I play minecraft Ill always play it with IC. Two things became one for me and there is no way I could separate then now. Minecraft = IC!!!It was because of this mod that I continued playing minecraft for so long and I dont intend to stop playing it for the same reason.
    I hope that this mod will continue growing in the same direction and will become more and more popular within the minecraft community
    Again, THANK YOU!!!!

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