Obsidian generator (RP/IC)

  • I found myself needing about 15,000 obsidian to build a suitable mage tower for my Thaumcraft area, so instead of spending about 24 hours straight with a diamond drill, it was time to build an obsidian generator.

    Fortunately, IC2 lets you bring water into the nether in the form of ice, and with the addition of RP pumps, it's pretty easy. All you need is a pump, block breaker, repeater and pulse former. This uses the appearance of a block of obsidian to trigger the block breaker, rather than a timer, so it goes as fast as the obsidian appears - a little faster than one block/sec (same would work for a cobble gen).

    I have 15 thermopiles running the pump, but sadly, even that isn't enough to keep it running continuously. Starting with a full battery box will at least get you almost a full single chest before it quits, though. If you try to build this, be sure to break the ice blocks you place next to the thermopiles manually instead of letting them melt. Thermopiles will eat the ice blocks occasionally.

    This is after one full single chest. Gives an idea of the range of the RP pump. This lava ocean is about 15 blocks deep at this point, and the intake grate is right at the bottom.

  • In the last picture, was that glowstone submerged in lava?

    Great machine you've got going, I'd love to see the end result of all this obsidian! :thumbup:

  • I have something similar to this that uses BC/IC/RP and Iron Chests. Using buckets on buildcraft tanks that are being filled by waterproof teleport pipes, deployers take out lava in buckets. Then, wooden pipes extract those lava buckets into another set of deployers, which eject the lava onto falling water, creating obsidian. Then, Block breakers break the Obsidian and deposit them into Copper Chests. The empty buckets are circle looped back into the original set of deployers...

    I've also set it in Custom Recipes to allow Obsidian to be remelted into Lava Source blocks, as this facilitates ease-of-transfer of the lava between the two realms w/o the high Tin costs otherwise...

    Would anyone like to try a Slowpoke Tail?! Only 1 Million Yen!


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  • ShadwDrgn built an obsidian generator like that in his recent LP's and I've been using it to gen obsidian. Same setup except all it uses is about 3 redstone and a redstone torch., ofc the pump and grates.

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  • Offtopic, you can also use Equivalent exchange's evertide amulet to place water in the nether :D

    If you used EE there would be no point in this anyway as you could just generate stuff from nothing. Where's the idea in that?

  • Unfortunately ice doesn't work this way in 1.3.1, so only items like evertide amulet would be a good source of water, but it will probably be a problem in about a month. I wonder what EE3 will bring on the table, because currently I treat EE2 only as a source of OP items, using transmutation table / energy condenser to make non EE items just takes fun away from using other mods.

    Back to the topic, I think that obsidian generator is very natural use of RP2 pumps. I made one while breading bees in the nether (with extra bees there is quite a lot of them), but based on double row of water, extended pistons below, and then row of lava. The only issue I have with RP pipes, is that they can pump lava from 50 meters below. It just feel weird. RP2 has quite realistic feeling, with small more magical/minecrafty elements, but nothing in grates and pipes doesn't look like it would allow for pumping things from such distance below. I'd say 3 blocks for lava and 9 blocks for water should be maximum height of the pump above water source (after pump it could go on any height, maybe using simplified model with proportional energy usage/efficiency to pipe length and destination height). In buildcraft pump pipe looks more advanced, so it could have pumps along the way. Maybe I'm just picky, but it is really bothering me. I even added recipes for smelting dusts to blast furnace via railcraft api. Making iron from iron ore in electric furnace without coal is magical, it can heat steak, not reduce iron oxide.

    Edit: jppk1 Like I was saying, you can use EE without using transmutation table. It is still OP, but also fun.

  • If i need Obsidian then i use Redstone to produce it with my slightly modified Cobblegen (Just a Deployer and a Repeater more).

    They still haven't fixed that little bug yet? wow. Talking about the redstone dust line -> obsidian with lava trick, right?

  • Greg is right. It allows double the obdisidian when using UU matter. (4uu for 24 redst vs 4 uu for 12 obs).
    It's what I do too.


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  • If you used EE there would be no point in this anyway as you could just generate stuff from nothing. Where's the idea in that?

    If you slap a MasFab texture on a condenser, then your argument goes away. Same applies to the Transmutation Table, and similar applies to many of the other EE objects.

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  • I could swoosh more than twenty arguments on your plate to nullify that statement, but seeing how I guess it won't make any impact on you anyway.
    We have an EE discussion thread in the Off-topic section, refer to that one to express your statements.

    btw, if you slap a massfab texture on a condensor then you have a chest with a messed up-texture that is still imba.


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