[GT-Suggestions] I still look at this Thread when I got out of Ideas for new things, yes really I do that. Even though I don't edit this Post anymore.

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    Suggestion : Efficiency Upgrades for other machines :

    Macerator/Grinder : Tungstensteel Grinding Head and Industrial Diamond Grinding Head x1/x4.
    Compressor/Extractor: Tungstensteel Machine Hull and Titanium Machine Hull x1/x1/x4 (x4 for implosion compressor, if there is a way to reduce ITNT amount)
    Centrifuge : Magnalium Turbine Rotor and Tungstensteel Turbine Rotor.
    Recycler/Electrolyzer : Tesla Coil x4 and Tesla Staff.

    Suggestion 2 : New Upgrade, Tesla Coil Security Upgrade.
    Recipe : Tesla Coil + Lock Module.
    Will shock anyone that tries to open the protected machine, except the owner, using its internal energy storage.
    Damage : Energy Stored / 10000. If damage dealt would be higher than 500 HP , then it instantly kills the target, ignoring armor and effects.

  • That would be really awesome. We need them.

  • Suggestion: How about a machine, that can take any item for input, and ''scans'' it like the cropnalyzer, and displays information about what it can be used for?
    For example, inputting 1 diamond ore in the machine, makes it consume 6400 EU orso, to display that it can be mined for 1 diamond (or more with fortune enchantments), ground in a macerator for 2 diamond dust, processed in a grinder for it's outputs and etc..
    It shows all possible inputs, and shows all of those recipes with the products/byproducts, along with EU needed, time per operation, and details like that. It could also show non-recipe uses, for example, the Dragon egg required above the dragon egg energy siphon for it to produce energy.
    And a contrasting machine, that does the opposite - it takes an item, scans it, and displays possible ways of obtaining the item, via recipes, ore drops/mob drops, dungeon/stronghold/mineshaft/temple chest loot, and everything else except cheating methods like Creative or NEI.
    Both would be very useful - for example, if a user has found Sheldonite in the End, but they know nothing about how to use it, they can put it in to see all of its uses, recipes and not. Or, if they find Olivine in a dungeon, but they know nothing about it, they can scan it with the other machine to see where it comes from, after scanning it with the first one to see what it is used for.
    That'd be nice.

  • So NEI in machine form, basically? Could be useful for people that won't use NEI for whatever reason, I guess. Though rather cumbersome compared to actual NEI.

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    If Gretech beat NEI to update to 1.6 then it would be useful. Would it do other mods or vanilla?

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • Technically NEI is working on 1.6 since quite a while already, just the releases aren't public yet and are only accessible to people who have donated to CB (and to whomever else he has shared the links with downloads). I'm not quite sure why CB hasn't made them public yet, possibly due to all the people asking him to do it.

  • CB has a very strict rule.

    Only after 1 week from the last person asking for an update will he release.

    As I started reading your sentence, I thought it would end with "...last person submitting a bug report."

    Sooo... maybe for Christmas? :)

  • I can't wait till some mod adds pollution and smoke. I love the smell and clouds of burnt fossil fuels in the morning :D

    Me too!
    Maybe pollution could be started combination of Finite-Liquid logic and TE's Energized Glowstone - flowing up to the ceiling of the world, where it randomly turns into ''Pollution Cloud'' blocks, that can eventually slowly fall to just a few metres above ground, or at ground/head level in colder biomes. If there is enough pollution in a chunk, it can cause ''acid rain'' within the chunk, slowly turning lakes into acidic water, harming mobs/players that don't have a full hazmat suit on, turning grass into dirt, and dirt into sand, (and sand into cracked sand if EXBL is installed), maybe even drying up water/acidic water, leaving behind an ''acidic sludge'' covering (rendered like snow) that harms anything that walks on it. And if it gets too polluted, clouds would begin blocking out the sun-light, and it would begin to snow, really heavily, being so cold as to begin harming mobs from frostbite (at all times, even when not snowing at the moment), piling up several metres of snow, freezing water under ice, if there is any. Of course, the snow would be acidic too, so anything in it/on it gets harmed too, but less than in acid rain/on acidic sludge.
    However, large ''pollution filtration'' machines could be used to collect pollution from the air, destroying the clouds and turning them into ''liquid pollution'' in the machine (kinda like an upside-down mining drill, that stops and begins to function only at the top of the world, and can collect any pollution block that is 32 or less blocks away from the top block of the collector. Acidic slime has to be removed with a shovel, though. All forms of pollution could be turned into small amounts of resources, like CO2, SO2, CO, NOx, a small amount of H2SO4, etc.
    Maybe even sand could be put into a 7x7 multiblock machine, that converts Sand into Dirt, requiring Fertilizer, Water, Energy (for mechanisms and lightings), and Grass Seeds (or just wheat seeds), operating at 50% the speed of a macerator, and converting 9 blocks per operation. Snow could be converted to water, at a 4:1 ratio orso, in a different machine.
    Acidic slime could be dumped into a trench, as a liquid, and used to keep people out of an important place/base, for an alternate use than being broken down into its base materials.
    And of course, if a player happens to obtain a block of pollution of any kind, its information under its title reads something similar to ''Smells like China Exhaust and Rotten Eggs''

  • Oooh, that looks nifty.
    Though I do wonder what sort of ore distribution do you use in your worlds. I used to use TE stuff and turn everything else off and copper was rather rare. Now I tried using IC2 stuff and I have copper coming out of my ears.

    Any chance we might see those things in 1.5 or are those for "some time in future" next to pollution and stargates? :D

    May I also suggest a new multiblock structure:
    high-pressure steam container.

    You can pump steam into it through special pumps (at cost of tiny bit of EU, pumps are part of the structure) that further compress it down allowing one to fit (much) more than 32 buckets worth it per-block. Main idea behind it is to have a temporary "buffer" of steam one could fill up when there is extra production and use whenever it's needed. I know I could use any existing liquid tank for it but having steam act as an actual liquid doesn't make too much sense there, also even the biggest tanks contain relatively tiny amount of steam due to being just 16/32 buckets per block. Also having special high-pressure steam might allow for some new machinery. E.g one might use the steam for mining (fracking-like stuff) or processing materials.

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    Steam is already pressured. The Pressure of it is the Energy you use, unless it's a Steam Furnace, compressing down Steam costs Energy, and would make even less sense than storing it in a Tank (storing it in a tank is not that senseless, but at that Steam->Energy Ratio it's better to store the Fuel in it). The Energy you use to compress the Steam could instead be used to generate Pneumatic Energy (= BC Energy) and then directly use it, instead of converting back and forth effectively loosing Energy for every conversion.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zinc_ferrite

    ZnFe3O4 is the chemical formula.
    I was thinking bonding Zinc with Oxygen in chemical reactor to make Zinc Oxide - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zinc_oxide

    Zinc Oxide has countless applications useful for industry so it could be useful in of itself.

    Alloy smelting 1 zinc oxide with 3 iron to get 4 ingots of Zinc Ferrite.
    Zinc ferrite can be used to craft advanced machine blocks just like refined iron is used to craft regular machine blocks, 8 zinc ferrite with middle empty in the crafting grid.
    Zinc ferrite dust combined with manganese dust to create circuit core to be used with advanced circuit instead of regular circuits.

  • A Machine "control center", in other words?

    Ummmm Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit is a multi-block structure i say?
    Although I think It could be a multi block structure that SHRINK down a bit of the size...since LESU is a waste of time building it,
    but not until you build like a chunk of it...You probably able to build a AESU at least at that time...perhaps IDSU as well,And either Fusion Reactor is a multiblock generator....perhaps an ideas of a shrinked size multiblock generator that uses Machine casing....Basic Machine casing-32 EU;Reinforced-128 EU;advanced-512 EU

    Oh for god sake Thermal Generator is already for a few machine to work out,why bother too much about multi block structures...Fusion Reactor's a good example but it takes wayyyyyy too long to build it,especially the plasma generator as well for the helium plasma cells......And SINCE the latest update, don't bother too much for the first bit,AND the we need the hammer just to make a iron pick or higher...Stone pick is useless basically...

  • Multi Block Ideas for Greg Tech (External,just for a little bit more fun around generator and making 'coal cokes' efficiently

    Here's my idea:

    Standard Generator (3x3x3,hollow out in middle) Out:64 EU/t (Accept Charcoal onward,sugar charcoal don't count)

    3x3 Standard Machine casing at the bottom
    3X3 Standard again with a hole at the middle hollow out
    3x3 Standard machine casing at the top to fill it up
    Put a Generator in front of the structure and it'll turn into a standard generator

    Reinforced Generator (3x4x3,Hollow out at the middle 'two blocks') (accept 'COAL' onward,not charcoal.) Out:256EU/t

    Reinforced Machine Casing for the top and bottom
    For the middle two section,fill rest of the space with standard machine casing and leave hole at the middle hollow out
    Then put a generator in front of the multi block structure like the standard generator

    Advanced Generator (3x5x3,Most hardest to make,harder than the distillation tower,and probably reinforced generator are more efficent that this one,this one cost a lot of materials,similar format to all above,just a bit more difficult with three hole in the middle.)
    This is definitely end game generator,could automate it with 'Hybrid Coke Oven' which is shown lateron at the page,also with coke oven,but coke oven is slower so i wish someone would make a faster version of it.
    accept:Coal Coke/Coal Coke 'block on the latest update on gregtech' ;Out:1024EU/t

    Bottom:All Reinforced Machine Casing

    Ontop of the bottom:3x3 Advanced machine casing with a hole in the middle

    The Middle section:3x3 Reinforced machine casing with a hole in the middle

    ontop of the middle section:3x3 Advanced machine casing with a hole in the middle

    The top:3x3 Reinforced Machine casing with NO holes this time since it's the top

    Then for the generator,this time USE the 'geothermal' generator and apply lava to it,this could be done by going into the nether and get a big iron tank then pump it in :D

    This is probably cheaped you out because it is ultraly easy to make for reinforced machine casing if you have enough material to make it..not too shabby afterall.BUT STILL HARD TO MAKE SINCE IT HAVE 18 ADVANCED MACHIEN BLOCK!!!

    External Machine:
    Hybrid Coke Oven-Multiblock structure(3x3x3)It is progressively faster as you add different type of machine casing

    Here's the list:

    Standard Machine Casing:2% faster each SMC you add to it

    Reinforced Machine Casing:3% Faster Each RMC You add to it

    Advanced Machine Casing:5% Faster Each AMC you add to it

    At the middle,hollow it out and put a coal coke 'block' to it
    then it'll transform into a machine looking 'coke oven'

    For the latest update 1.5.2,If you add Coal 'block' into it it'll burn it to a coal coke 'block' as well,and it produce quite a lot of ammount of 'creosute oil' for the semi-fluid Generator

    This is a little bit harder to make instead,which you need blast furnace first before you can get the reinforce machine casing to make the steel

    Please Reply if there is suggestion to this 'multi block structures Generators,If i copied one of your ideas,sorry,but I didn't look for the whole forum since i don't have too much time. :D :D :D

  • IS there anyway you can shrink that '2 billions EU' from chunks of LESU to a compact version of it?
    Because IT took lot's of lapis lazuli to do so in 'near end game'

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    I made the thread longer :P

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • Suggestion: Nuclear Reactor Manager
    What it is: a block, similar to the other item-automation blocks, but it can only work when used next to a Nuclear Reactor. It can be set to remove near-depleted cells, replace fuel rods in specific slots, remove nearly melted cooling components (coolant cells/heat vents), input Depleted Isotope Cells, output Re-enriched Uranium cells, and a few other things that I may have forgotten that are major components of Nuclear Reactor operation.
    GUI/Usage: The GUI has 8 slots; 4 at the left, in a 2x2 grid, and the same at the right. Under the one at the left is the word ''INPUT'' and under the right grid is the word ''OUTPUT''. Each slot can take any reactor component. Under each ''OUTPUT'' slot is a gray button and a green bar; clicking the Green bar cycles it between 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%. Any items of the type set to that slot, that are in the reactor and at or below the value displayed on the green bar, will be extracted from the reactor to an attached inventory at a configured output-side of the block. The Gray Button, when clicked, pulls up an inventory grid the exact same size as the reactor's inventory, and clots can be clicked to change them from ''not used'' (gray) to ''extract from here'' (red). Items of the selected type, at or below the set damage value (not applied to non-damageable items), and in the highlighted slots, will be extracted to the connected inventory on the configured output-side; if no specific slots are highlighted, all items of the type, at or below set damage value, will be extracted. the Input grid also has the gray buttons, but no configurable damage bars. Clicking the gray buttons will have the same function as for the Output grid.
    Crafting: It would require two of the most expensive automation machines available, some Data Control circuits/computer monitors, and some other balancing stuff like Electrum plates/Tungstensteel plates.
    EU usage: Uses 8 EU per item moved.

    Or, when the planned reactor overhaul happens, add a Liquid-fueled reactor, that needs liquid Uranium/Plutonium/Thorium to operate, and produces small amounts of Liquid Depleted Uranium per 1000 mB of Liquid Uranium, and Liquid Depleted Thorium/Plutonium for those fuels.
    Liquid fuels could be made by heating the fuels in a machine contrasting to the Vacuum Freezer, made to take an input Dust/Ingot, liquify it, and move it to its internal storage tank. If there is any of a liquid in the internal storage, it will only accept the material that is melted into that liquid.

    Either of those would be awesome.

    And just one more thing: What about a high-tech machine, the Fusor, that takes input energy to fuse 2 substances? It would take significantly longer than a Fusion Reactor, and work similar to the Alloy Smelter. For example, if the user inputs Deuterium and Tritium, it produces Helium (gaseous, not plasma). This would offer users a way to create substances that they don't have easy access to, at the cost of lots of EU. It could drain an entire MFE in only 2 operations producing Helium, and the heavier that the input items are, the more energy it will consume to fuse them - so producing, say, 1 Iridium, may drain 2 MFSU's or more.
    It would still require high-tech machine blocks and lots of other very expensive stuffs, though, to keep it balanced.

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    Your Reactor Manager is already in the game and called "Advanced Regulator", if used with a Reactor it can refill 9 Slots per Regulator. If you then add an electric Translocator to that contraption, you can easyly pull the depleted Cells out of the Reactor. No need to add a special "Nuclear Reactor Control Block" to the Game if it's already possible to do so with generic Devices.