[AddOn v1.90] Electric Fishing Pole v1.90-1

  • This mod is now maintained by Zuxelus here: [1.7.10] Ztech - Collection of Addons
    Name: Electric Fishing PoleSummary: A tesla coil and magnetizer on a stick. Blame Ranakastrasz.

    It's pretty much what it says in the summary. A tesla coil to kill the little buggers, a magnetizer to pull them in. Fish are magnetic, you know. And an advanced circuit to make it all work together. And some string. Even I don't know what the string is for. Takes like 10,000EU per shot, because it's a goddamn tesla coil on a stick.



    Just put it in your mods folder.

    Version History
    Previous versions are now available in an old version archive.

    • 1.90-1
      Update to IC2 1.90
    • 1.81-1
      Update to IC2 1.81
    • 1.70-1
      Update to IC2 1.70
    • 1.64-1
      Update to IC2 1.64
    • 1.42-1
      Update to IC2 1.42
    • 1.337b-1
      Update to IC2 1.337b
    • 1.23-2
      SMP support
      New sprite (thanks Noert)
    • 1.23-1
      Update to IC2 1.23
      Package electricOverload.ogg with the mod
      Add config file config/IC2ElectricFishingPole.cfg
      Somewhat reduce the number of fish caught
    • 1.0 Initial Release

    Permission to Port, Package, and Plagiarize

    • Porting - You may freely port this mod to any platform that I don't make releases for (e.g. Bukkit). If I'm unusually busy and don't update it fast enough after a new IC2 release, you may (if you're so inclined) make an unofficial port of the mod to the new version of IC2 and link it in this thread.
    • Mod Packs - You may include this mod in any server-specific mod pack, or in any public mod pack which has permission to include IC2.
    • Reuse and Derivative Works - You may decompile this mod and use parts of its source code in your own work. If you use any significant amount of material from this mod in your own, I would appreciate being credited and notified about the mod. (Mostly just because I'd be curious to see what you made out of it.)

    Sprite - Noert
    Coding - Drashian
    Original Idea - Ranakastrasz

  • Ooo...

    Although a few things:
    - The recipe kinda makes sense, in that it seems reasonable, although i think it could be worked on a little.
    - Why is the sprite a mashup?
    - Normal string doesnt conduct electricity, but STEEL WIRE [HAYO] Does!

    S = Refined Iron String x2/4/1

    S = Refined Iron

    Then replace the normal string in the recipes with iron string.
    You could then start expanding on the iron string...

  • Sadly, I was mostly joking, but this just made my day regardless. Yep, Iron wire makes sense, and It looks like each zap pulls a ton of fish out of the water, which makes a ton of *sense*

    Its a totally non-practical, but regardless awesome solution to a problem.

  • Hehe, thanks for the feedback. It's really just a half hour thing I threw together as a joke though, so I probably won't revisit it. :D That's why the sprite is a mashup of the recipe pasted over a regular fishing rod... well, that and because I'm not a terribly good sprite artist.

  • I love this addon with a passion.

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  • dude this is an awsome mod.
    Could you also code it so that if you set off a stick of dynamite in the water a bunch of dead fish will rise to the surface. that would be awsome

  • I have to say something otherwise this topic will constantly come up as unread... (exceedingly annoying)
    yeah i sort of see the joke and dynamite fishing would make more sense if dranishan is not going to do anything could someone please make a dynamite fishing mod for V 1.8.x

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  • Ya know, if the fish are magnetic, you have to wonder how polluted the water is in minecraft :P

    I'd love to have pollution in Minecraft - turn the water into a toxic sludge and kill off all plant life, turn the skies grey with smog etc. :D

  • Yo is this addon going to be updated because it certainly could be extremely helpful especially in 1.8. MinecraftCreeper

  • Even though it was just for lolz, I kinda actually want it to work in 1.8 :D


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