April fools joke.

  • Personally I can understand part of the reasoning behind the plans of switching IC2 to RF...but what would IndustrialCraft be then?
    Its' original core would become a cheap copy of ThermalExpansion - not exactly a bright future for the mod that once ruled over the Tech-side of mc-modding... (Remember 1.2 - 1.4.7)
    It'd make IC2 obsolete - chances are high that Greg will just follow GTs current independency course and split from IC2, 'replacing' it.
    To shorten things down: Removing EU from IC2 would completely destroy its identity.

  • u could use reborn core, modmuss and his team makes it possible to use their eu system and rf, that should be possible


    It also includes Jtraitsby @Amadornes

  • Hmm, reading Buildcraft 8.0 anouncement there are some really interesting points. http://mod-buildcraft.com/announcing-buildcraft-80.html

    Transformers and energy cable limits with explosions. They say that was done together with IC2, so will this also work like that in IC2?

    It would at last leave a bit of the needed planning behind when building a energy net.

    But ain't that kind of dumb? Why adding propertys from EU to RF, when one could use this time to update E-Net to 1.8.9(my next question would be why not 1.9?)

    I know a energynet is not the easiest part of a mod, but i followed a guy on Youtube, that builds a energynet from scratch( cables, consumer, provider,etc). Its very basic but it works flawless. How hard could that be for a team that does that
    for a very long time?

  • I call this a bad joke + a bad PR Joke... And it makes me think really bad about all involved people...

    I'm inclined to agree with you now. Additional evidence: Aroma released a new build of the Uncomplication mod to bring back the old EU, even though the 1.8.9 version of IC2 hasn't actually released yet, so I don't know how that would be usable.

  • I know a energynet is not the easiest part of a mod, but i followed a guy on Youtube, that builds a energynet from scratch( cables, consumer, provider,etc). Its very basic but it works flawless. How hard could that be for a team that does that
    for a very long time?

    Probably Scratchforfun x) I remember him doing a small video series about energy nets.

  • Since when when is Aroma1997 IC2 Dev? And they can't fix the ENet? I think this here is the joke and BC8 is real. But of course I don't know.

    IC2 has always the source of fun. Remember the stop of the IC1 Development, because Alblaka has another project? There where also some April fools.

    From digging into the files and directory structure of Uncomplication 1.8.9. This part looks legit.

  • You guys forgot only ONE thing when you deccided to change from the old and loved EU to the new and shiny looking RF:
    The only thing that was saving your mod from dying were the professional and experienced players since the beginnings and why;
    Because the new players who got tired only by looking at the recipes of some basic things, instantly went to the more noob friendly TE and EnderIO.
    So the users of this mod are hardcore modders and that is the main reason why gregtech become so know; because it challenged the most professional players as well as scared away the newcommers and "fainthearted".
    And the main reason why this mod WAS hard... because EU!
    The shiny looking RF is more noob friendly than the old and dusty EU because you don't need to worry for voltage and explosons because connecting a Nuklear Reactor to your hardly carfted MFE and
    it explodes then you lose all your hardly generated EU and a quite expensive MFE... this is the point were the noobs give up (if they havent given up before) and the hardcore old chapms say a "#@$ß&#÷$#&ß@" and recreate all things they have lost.

    You said the reason is incompatibility with Fastcraft but everybody knows that is just the top of the iceberg... you saw all the RF API based mods' success and your mod's fall and you said something like this: "We'll try switching to RF beause we have already fallen and nothing can make us THE INDUSTRIAL CRAFT 2 we WERE ONCE in the history of MC modding... :(".
    And back to FastCraft with this switch you rewrote all the code for RF capatibility so you could have remade the EU with the same charcteristics but with a new code behind it for the compatibility with FastCraft.

    You wanted to become more user and noob friendly but there is only one problem with this: the noobs need to know what IC is and they need to know they can now use it - this is the part that this whole idea is missing: the noobs won't change from TE because they know that mod and they are too scared to change from what they know and what they see*...
    (* = they don't even see it even youtubers like DireWolf20 don't use this mod since TE)
    And if you cut the last rope (haha) that the mod is on: the power of the old masters...
    If you recreate our mod to be more noob friendly and your mod's audience were old players who used and loved IC since the original release of IC1 there is a high risk that your mod will collapse...

    And i am affraid to say if we can't reverse this (and i don't think we can) IC2 will disappear as all the other Old Mods like EE2 and Red Power or get it to a position like BC (allmost every modpack has it, but nobody uses it)...
    This might not happen instantly and the older downloads might keep this mod like half-dead but slowly it will die because there won't be enough noob to fill the job of us the current users of IC
    the will be new tech mods for hardcore usage

    As somebody said our only hopes are Reika, and GregoriusT to save the mod by standing whit the failing IC and get it to the save zone once again by rerincrementing EU and doing they were doing all the time...

    Reika and Greg save IC before it's too late!!!!!!! ;(;(;(;(;(

    I know the buildcraft pipe explosion and cable limit stuff and it would be perfect to ballance this mistake but as i wrote: nobody uses BC! TD and EnderIO have limitless cables and conduits

  • But this move will certainly make IC2 more popular among the "mainstream" players for sure. It'll probably be a great move PR wise.

    I rather doubt that. These people are a living circlejerk, and will just find something else to moan and whine about, whether it be "why is IC2 such a special snowflake for all of its crafting with all of its own parts, machine frames and reception coils was good enough for everyone else", "IC2 just looks so out of place next to TE and EiO, I can never find an excuse to put it in my base" or "why would I bother with a mod in which most of its content can be done more easily with the TE I know and love?". They practically identify themselves by how much disdain they have from IC2, and removing their point of complaint will do nothing but make them find a new one.

  • Oh boy, this could be a disaster....I was just comming back to Minecraft after a break from 1.7.10 looking to finally build a decent 1.8.9 pack and bring my favorite mod of all time, IC2. I've been using IC2 since the beginning, nothing will replace IC2 EU. the Switch to RF might be the last nail in the coffin for my love of this mod. I'm still going to use it, I'm still going to enjoy that lappack and mining drill. But having all the main mods use the same energy source reduces the infrastructure needed to power everything, which for me was half the fun. Sad Sad day, praying like everyone else this is simply an April fools joke...

    R.I.P IC2 EU

  • It's a shame this was an April Fools joke. I stopped using IC2 after MC 1.4.7. This would have made me consider using it again. Oh well.

  • It's a shame this was an April Fools joke. I stopped using IC2 after MC 1.4.7. This would have made me consider using it again. Oh well.

    Well, let's all be happy that there are actually people who won't stop playing it now, instead of you maybe, possibly, considering trying it again. x)

    Edit: Gotta hand it to the people from IC2, BC & DW20, you got everyone x) After those videos from DW20, you had me.

  • As someone who does not know, can someone please explain to me how EU differs from RF, and how the IC2 power system differs from other tech mods?

    I do have familiarity with Reika's RotaryCraft, if that helps.

  • What i really want to know is, if the enet will finally get fixed.

    That broken enet we had for years now has basicly the same functionallity as RF. That is the sad reason why so many took IC2 switching to RF as true. Should the EU system not get fixed soon, switching to RF might really be the better option. Or just do the really long time needed rollback to the old working EU.