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    Player, 23y
    I currently do professional embedded system development in VHDL and C++ on FPGA-based systems. It includes designing the hardware circuitry for the sw platform.
    My programming experience reaches back until when nobody else of my friends even had a computer, so I'm quite a nerd :D. I did lots of web+db development, some system design and administration for game server hosters and spend quite a bit of my spare time on game development (HL1, Source engine, now Minecraft). Of course I also play games, my favorites are Enemy Territory, COD4, SC2 and Minecraft.
    I'm hosting a BC+IC Minecraft server with some features and abilities nobody would expect without bukkit, griefer- and stealer-detection is always nice to have.
    My current IC work is focused around the energy distribution code for some major performance optimizations and new wiring possibilities.

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    Hi I'm Tahu
    (got this nickname a long time ago from a lego robot from my younger brother :D)
    Tahu came to earth with her space ship when the first clothing store opened. ^^

    I've been searching for a new mod project to help with and here I am, participating in the development of my favorite minecraft mod :D
    I also like playing rpg games especially The Elder Scrolls. (I TOTALLY love elves!)

    I'm looking forward to be working with you guys ;).

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    Hi I'm killerbeez aka bert
    I have a small penis,

    Okay okay, serious face.
    I'm 22
    I have been an avid gamer for a good while like any other white male in his teens, 20's.
    I have managed a good bit of things online which include. Custom CMS Install/Upgrade company, Leader for a top end WoW guild I started. (those who laugh at that seriously don't know how hard it is to manage so many people to do things right and still manage top 15 in your rankings) I also run both Industrial Rage and Medieval Rage. I ran Endless Rage as well but host issues and time constraints sent that one into relapse until I have time to work on it. I've also ran several forums, League of Legends team leader and I like to do youtube videos. Halfway done with my Web Graphics Design degree. I've also been engaged to a smokin chick but crazy mothers ruined it.

    Oh and I like tits and booze.

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    my turn :P
    hello my names kieth, i like polythene bags, sucking windows., Geese sometimes i like to pick my nose and wipe it under the chair, and as you can see from my photograph my knob is 5ft 6.... i didnt put a pic of myself for identity theft haha (lee evans live at the O2)

    anyways this is no time for jokes ^^

    im darenton2k7,
    im too old to die young :)
    i like playing games basicly... lol such as Minecraft, SupCom2, C&C, EVE, Xbox (COD, L4D, GTA etc) (list too long lol)
    Creator of nothing ^^ although me and my companion (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) you can call her The TARDIS liek to travel ^^
    i watch too much tv also like family guy, south park, two and a half men, as u can tell from first paragraph i like comedy :P

    just notied this seems like a darenton2k7 101 so ima shut up now :D

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    My turn.
    I'm known under two nicks: Vilaz and Kitty.
    Crazy cat maniac. Yup I simply love these psychotic furry balls.
    Age was never relevant same comes to gender. We're in internetz after all.
    Fan of absurdity, randomness, sci-fi, ponies, fantasy, psychology, science... nope. SCIENCE! That sounds better.
    Guitar player
    I'm also Learning to draw digitally through pain and suffering.
    ...and from few days I'm student accepted on automatics and robotics studies. Yay!

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    My name in RL is David, in the internet you can find me mostly under the name Gornakosh, while in MC-environment im known as Gorni (some guy stole my original longer name... :( )

    I'm 25 years old (don't use it against me! ;) )
    I like to play video games since i got my first computer with 16 (!!!) MHz. I got some very very basic ideas of HTML but nothing else in coding. I although know pretty well how to use a computer and how to get it working again if somebody "did nothing but that damn thing just doesen't work anymore".
    I didn't create anything in computer environment. But as stated in the recruitment thread i am working as a lab technician in a Pharma company to develop the synthesis process for medics you once may need. Thus i created some good processes for a few antibiotics (mainly tetracyclines) and other different stuff.
    I like: Fantasy, Sci Fi, RPG's, Building things, logical puzzles and stuff like this. in RL i like to skydive, work on my moped and make some awesome 8h BBQ's.

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    My name is Alex (who would have guessed) I don't watch much TV, instead living on my computer, either playing MC, Star Wars: Empire At War, coding games in C++ or working on my Beer mod for MC, and sometimes I just like surfing the internet. I'm a big computer guy, running on my barebones kit that I built, Core i5 2500K with 8 gigs of ram FTW! Just started up a server yesterday, running IC and BC combo, after the last combo server I was playing on shut down, and loosing my 75x85 castle, decided it was for the better that I run my own server -_- I'm allergic to cats, and thus HATE cats (being sent to the ER multiple times because of your eye swelling out of its socket has resulted a sort of grudge against them)

    Thats about it for me, and all I can say is, long live IC2!

    Peace out,

    Lesson 1: Watch over your crops....

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    I'm Drashian, and I'm probably not actually a cat who taught himself to type. In fact, I've got nearly three decades of experience being a human (only part of which I was old enough to remember). I've been programming since I was a wee little thing and my father would sit me on his knee and tell me what keys to press, and it turned into a career as soon as I got out of high school. I work at a company that makes accelerometers. You might even have one in one of your electronic devices.

    I love everything. I love cats (but I can't hug them all), and dragons, and Java, and trees, and clouds, and Perl, and ponies. I love soda, and music (pretty much all music), and Minecraft. I love Improbable Island, the Elder Scrolls, and Diablo. I love reading, but I don't take nearly as much time to do it as I should.

    I play Minecraft solo and on a local server with my fiance (I love her, too). I haven't joined any public servers, because I'm terribly shy around people.

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    veeeery big shortcut

    25 years
    2 kids
    1 wife :D
    Ford shelby cobra gt500 ^^
    my name is : Tomasz Gospodarczyk
    and i have hmmm.. how say it . My computer is a piece of scrap

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    Name: Chris/Lurch. I've also been known as Gandrial and Astrin in my WoW days.

    26 years Old

    Been a computer enthusiast since I was 10 and gathered a good general knowledge of them, I'm also a qualified network admin. I work as a sales assistant in a bookshop but I have also worked in recording studios and doing live sound at festivals and gigs around Ireland. I'm in a comedy metal band called William Christ and the One Man Orgy, music video here.

    Interests include video games, books, physics, astronomy and all sorts of other stuff.

    Looking forward to working with you guys.

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    My turn :)

    25 years Old
    Once upon a time I was the top of my programming classes in high school and college. since then, i spent 5 years in the army which resulted in the frying of my brain. i don't remember enough to program anymore lol. currently going back to school for Business and Economics.
    I enjoy a good complex puzzle, building computers, and playing video games