Introduce Yourself.

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    Let me start... Hey im Shadow (darenton2k7) im 18 years old. I live in Scotland, i play on an industrial craft server and I am one of the main admins that run it. played minecraft since indev and gota say that Industrial craft has to be the greatest mod ever made.

    Thats all i can think of over to everyone else :P

    Peace out,


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    I'm know as Adien (Adien_Alexander/Adien_Alecsander/Adien87 are all aliases), and I'm 23 years old from Indiana, United States.

    I've been playing Minecraft since just before the Halloween Update, and have been using Industrial-Craft since forever (When you used to be able to power solar panels by torches underground. ;) )

    Other mods I use include:
    More Flowers (mostly for easier Dye for Plastic Craft).

    I've also made a few mods myself, that were only introduced to a small number of friends (Which I may get around to updating once I upgrade my box) that added different types of dungeons to the game, and the loot was based on what type of dungeon it was (Normal dungeons still spawn). I also plan on updating the Rubber compatibility class file for IC and PC, as well as making a compatibility patch for BC and IC, so that Industrial Diamonds can be used to make the Buildcraft stuff (Not just a simple insert ID into crafting window, make diamonds) once I have permission of the modders of course.

    My other activities include:
    Magic: the Gathering (Semi-retired, Not a fan of the new Mirrodin block at all)
    World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (Avid player, trying to get a play group for my area set up)
    Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) (Taking a break, don't have transportation to practices in this area, as well as not being able to afford it).
    (Yes, the SCA is technically LARPing, but we beat each other with sticks, not that sissy foam crap. ;P )

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    Well hello^^ Im Feanturi (also known as Feanturi3 or [DF]Feanturi or [DF] Feanturi -GER- ) and im nearly 17 years old.
    Im from Germany and im the spriter of IC/MeC, Maker of IC-Wiki, IC-Blog and this forum.

    In my freetime I do archery and sometimes drawing images^^

    I think that should be enough MinecraftNotch
    If you have any other questions: ask me :D

  • I'm Ninetailed. The name is a reference to something, but probably not what you think it is.

    I run a semi-private Minecraft server that I've been trying IndustrialCraft out on lately, with considerable success among my group of players. I've also been known to make occasional edits to the IC Wiki, nothing fancy and nothing major, but I like to fix problems when I see them.

  • Hey, Dragonmystic here.

    I've been playing Minecraft for not-that long. Mainly it's a thing to do with my friends: make cool things, hang out, show our stuff that we're making, that sort of thing. So I really only play on SMP. I play Wow, work on engineering things....that's about it.

  • Hello, I am known by multiple names
    Max-o-l, which was my old gamertag and XenoForce, my current one.

    I have played Minecraft since it was just out of infdev, about the first version of Alpha, and aside from the many bugs, i loved the game.
    But not as much as Starcraft II ^^.
    Further hobbies include Archery (yay Feanturi, win&win bow :D), VFX and gaming.
    I run an expensive server with a team of 3 other admins. We took over the legacy server (in name) after the old admin Spiritax, was tired of all those kids that bitched around on the server.
    Nowadays i also run a smaller, semi-private one with random mods. Depends on what kind of game we wanna play.

    Anyway, I gotta say one thing that i like the most about Industrialcraft, and that is it's dev, Alblaka, i simply like the way he handles the 'main crowd' on MCF. Like the way he did with the hidden download page, with the arrows >>>Download<<<. ^^

    If any questions remain, feel free to ask them.

    EDIT: I'm the first person that guessed Alblaka's name ^^.



    Buildcraft – spilling items.™

  • Well, this is an obligation here for me.

    Im Vannya (cause it was the choice of a friend, wanting another name for me instead of my true one) in this, but usually found as "Aulia Harvestmoon" or "Vannyna". My real name is "Natalia".
    Im 24 y/o actually, and Im from Argentina. I,... Dont speak english very well, but I can defend myself. My natural language is the spanish, and that´s why if you "Google" me, you will find only spanish content :p.

    I play this just from some months ago. I always wanted a game like this!! I usually play mmorpgs, table rpgs, or so, but I dont really like the "kill-a-monster-get-your-reward" games. I played WoW till the moment I had considered the game became too plastic, too focused on the fashion, the big numbers, the flashing lights, and poorly focused in the complexity that once it had, when growing from lvl 1 to 70 were an epic story.
    Oposite to that, I like the games where I can explore, build, where all is complex and "free", and where Im not locked into a class, a place, or a routine.
    But, specially, I like the games where the social plot its the very core of the game, and where you can express your ideas, play politically (fictional politically), and have some kind of weight into the things that happen inside that world.
    I guess I have found it into this.

    The rest of the time,... I avoid as I can to go to the university, and I study with a cup of coffee. I dont like the classes, and I make my own way, having good results anyway (im a kinda forsaken and rebel xD).
    Im studyng for being a Social Worker,... So computers are not the mine. Even If I can "sense" them sometimes, and Im ok with them, I dont really understand them very well. Im a very instictive person, but logic its not the mine (this gave me tons of problems in maths in the past, "divining" or feeling the problems, and not writing just a mathematical procces).

    In the past, I casually played "Magic: The Gathering" (too comercial for me now), I intensively played Warcraft III, ended the Baldur´s Gate I (and the Icewind Dale I, the "Nº II" of both were not of my taste), ended Bioshock I and II (LOVED the 1 <3,... but the 2 were poor, and too "arcade mode" for me, but the feeling of being a "Big Mommy" rescuing a little one were fabulous).
    I write sometimes too. Its the most common of my activities, and casually I draw poor pictures.

    I work as a radio operator in an emergency local system, and im temporally at an hospital, just as a call recepcionist.

    So,... that all is what Im ^^.

    P.D.: Im planing to run an own MC server, and I have designed the setup in 3 stages (tecnhincal beta, social beta, and release). Right now, im stucked at the first stage, cause the university and also cause I dont have enough "testers" for testing,... Im working alone.
    Maybe someday I will rise it up. For now, it will wait a little more.

    The setting is gonna be the fictional era called "Steampunk", and I want to focus the experience on the social and political plot of the game.
    Used some of the social theory around (what I study), I have managed some kind of theorical social balance. We have to see if that works or not.

  • How does it come I saw this thread after such a long time

    I'm teh ftw(teh/teh_refi on skype/teh epicness on some forums.
    I'm 15 and i come from poland(small country in europe).
    I'm interested in Java programming, mostly MineCraft mods and Android.
    I play on lil' strictly private server with my cousin and sometimes few other buddies.
    My cousin showed me MineCraft about two weeks after infdev and still can't buy it ;(

  • "Hmm.. I guess using the Nuclear reactor to heat up my coffee wasn't a bad idea..."

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is actually Kurt, couldn't guess, right? I am usually on most if not all forums as 1ronAXE36 or BandiKurt36.
    I turned 17 back in June, and live in Tucson, Arizona, United States.
    I've been with the Minecraft community since late 2010 playing Alpha 1.2.6. I'm more of a Fallout gamer (played all of them so far, still do in different approaches usually with good Karma). When I'm not playing games I'm usually developing something, making music, or doing work.

    More on Minecraft:
    When I played Minecraft the first few updates of Beta I never knew mods existed for the game for a few updates, then I figured out later in 1.6 Beta there was some cool mods at the time. The Aether, Risugami's mods, Mo' Creatures, Flan's Mods and IndustrialCraft. I was a Head-Administrator for quite a few servers; JAC Gaming, The Legion Gaming, NukeCraft, and Ion Gaming. I stopped working with most of the servers with my own reasons. Now what I do is occasionally show up on the small GregTech hardmode server, surviving on Singleplayer with IC2 and a couple other mods, make suggestions, and socialize on Teamspeak. I plan on making a small server, but never got to it.

    That's all I have to share really. Have fun IndustrialCrafters!

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    Necro mainia: the last post was in 2011 :D

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • You have to admit, this thread is useful, so I'll post on it the next time I have really time to think about what I'll actually write, too.

    Native language german, please point out mistakes to me. forget it, my english is better than that of a good deal of people on the forums anyway.

    IC Related Quotes thread. If you ever need some good puns.

  • I'm moo moo. My hobbies include minecraft and eating grass /s

    I've been playing MC since beta 1.6, owned since beta 1.8, and playing mods since 1.1 release maybe?

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    Like how you included the version you actually bought the game :P

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • hehe - i can say - i'm too old for all of you :D but to be strict with topic - I'm Bart, i'm 31 and have happy wife and 7 years old daughter who loves minecraft (in creative mode so far) :)

    i pirated from 1.7.2 to 1.8 :D (still sticked with 1.7.10)

    Inteligence is not everything - wisdom is more than that.
    "Survival is survival dammit.. don't give me this stinky cheated diamonds.. .. or else.." - by unknown hero

  • like you might guess, my name is blub01, I'm playing/owning minecraft since release 1.5. something I think(I don't really know), and I generally follow the rule "as little as possible personal information in the internet", so I just won't tell you my age, my hobbies include installing random modpacks and playing them for half an hour, skipping to the next one, reading Alblaka's stories, and writing stuff on this forum. I'm sure there is some other stuff, but I can't remember it right now(just a joke, add watching videos on youtube). That's pretty much all there is, maybe except (roughly) where I live, for that, simply look downwards a littlebit.

    Native language german, please point out mistakes to me. forget it, my english is better than that of a good deal of people on the forums anyway.

    IC Related Quotes thread. If you ever need some good puns.

  • Hey, I'm Sasha ( aka Mine_Sasha, CarbonGhost, DiamondDustGhost ) , I live in Geneva ( French part of Switzerland ), I like animes, playing games like Minecraft ( mostly modded ), HL2, Portal, and the list of GOOD games goes on, doingstuffwithmygirlfriend ( erm, that should be private, that stuff doesn't concern you, unless you're interested... joking, XD :P :D ), being nice, my friends & family.

    Other things about me : Trying to make A SUPER COOL MODPACK, still waiting Chocoslow to finish the script :P :D , BTW, if you don't know him, he is AWSOME, alongside everyone :D

    I love sprinting, parkour and martial arts IRL. I'm also Learning how to code :P :D

    I play on Minecraft since alpha ( don't remember the version though :P ), I played on a pirated copy my friend and me made, until 1.2.5, where I actually bought it ;) ( he also bought it :) ) because we thought Mojang work was awsome :)

    PS : Ooh and I love cats :3