[AddOn v1.43/v1.64] Advanced Machines V3.2 Beta 2

  • Well if you don't like the water gens, disable them, or buff there output, that's what the config is for. The idea of adding more induction like machine upgrades has been denied multiple times. Also, I never said it wasn't a standalone mod, we don't require it, but it is a lot more convenient, however we are not going to turn into an all in one technical mod, a mod name comes to mind here I won't mention. If you want to be able to run it longer, then install the other mod, otherwise you can deal with manually loading a stack at a time, although I do believe that it was considered to add multiple input/output slots for consecutive loading of materials automatically, but don't quote me on that, I'm not 100% sure.

    As far as condensing stuff into less blocks, I personally don't think that will ever happen, although we do need to implement some higher tier, more compact ways of producing energy, though very expensive of course.

    Would this be the "buffering" that wasn't listed in a change log? Or nothing listed in a change log that shows what the vaule's correspond to? Also, Advocating is != to requiring. So, we are going to give you a Induction furnace and Tease you, but, We are going to punish you for everything else.

    I have known for quite some time that Al was 100% against anything other than the induction furnace, but once you added in the ability to upgrade the base machines it should have been obvious that this floodgate would have opened. The only thing that I am "asking" is to (seriously) consider the ability to upgrade the input/output slots (which I understand means writing the GUI code, etc for upgrade slots) but that would at least, maybe, find a common ground between everyone from all sides.

    I do agree that some compact higher tier (and expensive) form of energy production is needed (which is hopefully more server friendly).

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    Yes, IndustrialCraft is very much enhanced with other mods, who doesn't know that. Also Al is the one who asked for Overclockers, he had a different idea, but nevertheless, overclockers. Personally I have heard nothing in the way of him changing his mind on what his view point is on multiple processing slots, however the extra input/output slots, idk. In the config you can set the generator multipliers or whatnot, which are basicly a set of numbers that set the output, increase number = increased output, vice versa, and if you set to 0 it will also disable the crafting recipe.

    Have fun...

    Lesson 1: Watch over your crops....

  • exactly, people are so rude.
    they would never talk to me like that in front of my face.

    All I did was ask some questions and rudeness is what comes out.
    I dont appreciate that at all.

    Then you need to start evaluating how your posts appear to the rest of us - because invariably, they come across as accusatory and rude.
    Every time you have a problem, you're so busy pointing your finger elsewhere that you overlook the obvious.
    Doesn't matter whether it's an ID conflict, an updated mod, what have you.

    If you want to be treated with courtesy, start showing some yourself. I don't think anyone wants to help someone who's looking to cast blame as often as you do.

  • Can't wait till the mod author releases his update so you guys can stop raging and flaming each other and get back to playing. :D Seriously though, let's not make this into a flame thread.

  • Honestly calling adv machines OP just seems silly.. It was around first and they act JUST LIKE the induction furnace.. Is the induction furnace OP? probably not in your guys's opinion because YOU made it but since we're talking about a mod that isn't yours you guys are all uppity about it. Solar Arrays are genius and rotary macerators are friggin fantastic. This is supposed to be about FUN is it not? Overclockers and the other things aren't fun it's just more annoying recipes to learn and then you STILL have to babysit your machines instead of working on other projects. What if some people ONLY play ic2? They cannot automate pulling crap out of their macerators because you guys wont put extra slots in..

    Here's an idea, put adv machines into the mod but tone them down to speeds you feel aren't so "OP" as you put it? Give us the choice instead of making us use the silly OC'ers etc. I personally don't want to have to make a ton of little components that waste my energy like crazy. I certainly don't want to continue babysitting my macerator and extractor etc. There is a reason so many people love this mod.. because it is a FANTASTIC addition to IC2. Hell you guys could add them and tone em down and add the slots for the OC'ers and the other upgrades.

    I could probably live without adv machines but I don't want to. That's the thing they feel like a part of ic2 to me and many many others now so I won't give up on them. As mod developers shouldn't you guys be listening to your fan base about changes? We aren't asking you guys to give us machines that macerate all our ores instantly or anything like that. Usually game devs get feedback from their community and use it to better their games, I know this isn't a full on game, but in a way it kinda is.

    I just wish you guys weren't so negative towards stuff like this and embraced what your community loves/wants. That's my 2 cents.

    ps. if anything add the solar array things, those are just SMART. It would reduce server lag for everyone in smp greatly. Maybe even make watermill arrays etc condensed versions of all the power generating blocks that people use in bulk? Just a thought.

  • Many disagree with you but we respect your decision not to add Advance Machines to IC and people need to stop being rude about it. But I'm a bit curious about the feature that was implemented changelog etc. What are you actually referring to hehe?

    Almost any server that runs IC2 disagree's with this "dev" Like I said before, shouldn't you guys take into concideration what your community wants? Or you guys just making the mod for yourselves? You have a fanbase now, usually that means changes happen based on what your fans want, thats how a lot of games go. Instead of being rude about it you could of been nicer instead of just attacking the guy and having such a terrible attitude.

    Why wouldn't you put multiple outputs in the macerator? Seems like a poor original design choice to me... Put a stack of iron in and it stops only half way through... Were you guys just unable to code the multiple slots or what.. It doesn't make sense that you wouldn't add that to the machines that actually NEED it, macerator, extractor etc. I could care less if they didn't have advanced speed but at least put the damn slots in there be smart about this. Because if it stays the way they are, then it's just poor design. Just ends up looking lazy.

    Anyhow I'm done talking about this, especially in my favorite IC2 mods thread, i'll talk about it somewhere else if I need too. Zipp, get this thing updated!! lol or CPW doesn't matter to me

    Take care guys.

  • Well, someone is a little hostile. Those two posts of yours, even when you make a reasonable point, have an attacking tone. You resort to calling alex "uppity" and insulting the developers skills. I would like to see you code, or make the sprites, or gather the sounds for this mod(if I'm forgetting any aspect sorry to the respective dev). Forgive if I fail to see how this does anything besides piss others off. And they don't have to include anything from the community, it is their mod and they can do whatever the hell they want with it. But, they do still include ideas from the community (just look at the suggestions thread).

    Attacking the devs with points that do not carry weight will not earn you points here. Arguing your point, and doing it well, does.

  • I personally really don't get the whole discussion. These machines fit IC² really well, but so do some other addons around here. Why is there only here such a hudge discussion about including it? Also I don't like the tone of these posts, you are calling the IC² devs lazy and stupid, which they definitively aren't. IC² is one of the most complex mods I know, consisting out of so many things, which are all balanced. Al has stated that these machines won't be included, so why do you continue begging for it? I don't know his reasons and they don't matter for me, but why can't you accept it? The only thing that is going to happen is that this discussion will grow into a flame war, the addon thread will be closed and Al will be pissed about this and disallow this addon, which is his right as it uses IC² as base. Only because updating this addon takes longer than you want doesn't mean it needs to be integrated. Zip has stated that he will continue the development, so there is no need to worry about this awesome addon dieing. And don't forget the IC² team doesn't have unlimited time itself, Al has stated that he is busy with his exams, so I guess it wouldn't be that much faster if this was included in IC², would take mabye a month to release a new version of IC² which would include it. And it would be a lot more work rewriting it from scratch instead of just continueing an older work.

    tl;dr: Stop this discussion, it will lead nowhere.

  • You know it's really not that difficult.

    If you don't like Advanced Machines... then DON'T INSTALL IT.

    Don't chastise and harp on those of us that do want it in our game. Who are you to tell me what i can, and cannot install on MY pc.

    If you think Advanced Machines are too overpowered... then leave this thread and go download some other add-on somewhere else. No one is twisting your arm to use this add-on.

    Discussion closed.

  • Soooo... back on topic, has the author been around to say whether or not it will be updated, or is someone else willing to update it? It is a gating mod on my server for the update to 1.1. (we have the older version already running in our 1.0 world and don't want to update without it.)

  • Soooo... back on topic, has the author been around to say whether or not it will be updated, or is someone else willing to update it? It is a gating mod on my server for the update to 1.1. (we have the older version already running in our 1.0 world and don't want to update without it.)

    Yep, all we have to do is wait.

  • Soooo... back on topic, has the author been around to say whether or not it will be updated, or is someone else willing to update it? It is a gating mod on my server for the update to 1.1. (we have the older version already running in our 1.0 world and don't want to update without it.)

    From what I hear he is having issues and no ones helping him out with it and so were kind of screwed.

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  • Okay I have to weigh in on this one. First off I do not agree with the attitude that the dev has on this posting. It is childish and completely unprofessional. If any of my designers had this attitude towards clients, they would be seeking new employment. What Alblaka and his team is doing is not very dissimilar from what my company does (albeit my company is focused on web design and graphic design), and in both fields your going to have customers/clients who are going to make demands/requests. This mod has historically been a interestingly developed mod with a iron fist rule by alblaka (banning people for asking about status updates when the game client is upgraded or blocking people for not formatting their subjects correctly), no disrespect to Alblaka and the team as a whole. They are doing something that I can only imagine myself being able to do.

    Secondly, I personally think that this addon does not detract from minecraft or IndustrialCraft2 at all. I think this mod enhances it further by expanding on the power systems (sadly I haven't had a chance to play with the solar panel arrays yet) and the machinery of IndustrialCraft2. I would love to see it integrated into IC2, but you can't have everything in a mod and that is why we have addons. Frustrating as it is, it is again apart of the game and we sit and wait. People would be less upset if there is regular updates on the progress of the mod/addon (regular being more than 2 updates). In my company the designers are REQUIRED to communicate updates with the clients everyday, these progress reports let my clients know how their project is progressing and creates a relationship that is beyond just creating something and moving on to the next customer #.

    Now if Alblaka happens to read this, then I would suggest he has a private discussion with the whole team and posting etiquette.

    and to Zip, waiting patiently for this wonderful addon :)


  • Hmm... well you actually know that you are not a customer?

  • *snip*
    In my company the designers are REQUIRED to communicate updates with the clients everyday, these progress reports let my clients know how their project is progressing and creates a relationship that is beyond just creating something and moving on to the next customer #.

    The only thing is, we are not clients. In an environment you are describing, and in which I work, there are often multi-million dollar contracts involved. We haven't paid one red cent to either Al nor Zip.

    Furthermore, they are doing this on their free time and from the goodness of their heart for a project they love... in the end, they owe us absolutely nothing. They can decide to quit the projecvt altogether and end development of IC2 and/ior Advanced Machines... and there is nothing we can do or say about it.

    Don't get me wrong. I agree with the principle of what you are trying to convey... but comparing a Corporate Consulting Contract to a Gaming Mod Pet Project... is like comparing a McDonald's hambuger to a filet mignon.

  • The problem is that people think their opinions are gospel and are unwilling to listen to others. All of the arguments don't fix the problem one way or another.

    The simple fix is this: If you like the overclockers better, use them. you don't need to install the addon. If you like me used the addon and like it, could we get someone to help zip get it updated, so that we have the choice as to which we prefer. What it and all of the addons offer is that choice.

  • If any of my designers had this attitude towards clients, they would be seeking new employment.

    Are you the sort of employer that thinks you have a right to govern what your designers do in their free time, when you're not paying them?

    Because that's what this situation is. We're not "clients", we don't pay a cent for the mod and they owe us nothing. They don't work for us and they're not employed by us.
    Where did you ever get the impression that using the mod makes you the boss, or puts you on the Board of Directors?

    Let's use a better metaphor: If a guest in my house started talking like you do, I'd ask him to leave. (And by "ask" I mean "demand"). Fortunately for you, Alblaka is more lenient than that.

  • ?(

    I don't usually weigh in on any of these "battles"... and I'm not taking a side, I just wanted to show my support for both the IndustrialCraft dev team, and Zip, for his fantastic work on a beloved addition that we use on our private server. And while it's the last mod holding up our transition to 1.1, I assure you all that the only reason is because we are so fond of the system Zip built (it's well thought out, balanced, in our opinions, and here to stay on our server - nearly all of us use Advanced Machines exclusively).

    I don't care about any of the petty animosity that's started raging within' this thread. All I care about is that both parties get the respect and freedom they deserve in further development of their ingenious projects.

    I'm hoping that the fires started in this thread can be extinguished soon, and that both IndustrialCraft 2 and Advanced Machines can go on separately, and in independent harmony. Live, and let live, eh?

    While we'll anxiously await Zip's update, and utilize Advanced Machines over the new IndustrialCraft OC system, that's our server's choice. This all seems pretty simple to me. But then again, I'm kind of a simple fella. *shrug*

    Thank you to the whole IndustrialCraft crew. I know you guys work really hard, and we all appreciate your labor.

    Thanks again Zip for your time and effort on this awesome Add-On. We think you're doing great. I only wish I had the knowledge to offer my assistance.



  • Yeah the overclockers are end game fun I feel. At low levels meh couple help but still a big drain if you are not jumping into something like geothermal. Not sure if you guys noticed but base machines seem to have also been nerfed a lot. That damn macerator is screaming a forced OC module. It's not even bearable lol.

    Yeah, no kidding. I got 6 macerators with 3 OC chips *each* and I choked it up hard core by dumping in 7 stacks of ores into the input chest of my sorter. My old system was 3 Rotary Macerators and 3 Induction Furnaces and it handled a Quarry like a pro. X( But I am not going to be rude, not going to whine, I am going to make the best of it until the mod is updated then I'll add it and change up the sorting room. Until then it's manual mining and only putting *6* stacks of ores in at a time, more of a pain when you have an Alchemy Bag full of ores, but, eh, the author of this mod has a life, it's not gonna get updated instantly, just gotta tough it out until he gets it done. So quite your whining, you babies, and just wait until it gets done like the rest of us, whining isn't going to make the author do it faster, it might just make him quit just because he's tired of dealing with you impatient lusers.

  • CPW we need you man.. Help this get updated please! I'm done even thinking about the silly OC upgrades and junk lol. If someone knows CPW pretty well shoot him a msg and let him know zipp needs help updating this. The sooner we get the word out the better and quicker we'll all have our beloved adv.machines and NOT the bad machines without enough output slots lol. Design flaws for the lose.

    And to the person who is butthurt about me saying that the dev was being "uppity" go read his posts.. He is acting this way, he's basically telling everyone to F' off. but yeah I'm done talkin about it. I could care less, adv machines will be updated and I will install it as I always do and enjoy every second of our "OP" machines... rofl