Agriculture: Post CropIdeas here!

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    I'm getting pissed off by people reading the first 5 setences and then create a random suggestion that's not even similar to the actual system.

    The new Agriculture-Crop system is done.
    It's a open-mindedly coded block capable of handling a infinite amount of different plants (with a limited amount of sprites, though >.>), which can have specific growth attributes, react to environment and (of course!) drop kinda everything present in Minecraft.

    Some basic information:
    A crop block, some sort of empty vine for plants to grow on, can be placed on tilled fields only. Plants can exclusively grow within this one crop block.
    Then you can proceed to plant a Crop Seed (or a normal wheat seed, the start of your Agriculture Career) on the Crop Block.
    Given the time, it will grow and can later on be harvested (which will merel yreduce the size of the crop, without destroying it). Gain varies and can even drop more seeds to expand.
    That's the basic part of it. But now comes the fun:

    You can cross plants. By rightclicking an empty crop-block without another one, you will upgrade the cropvine, permitting it to cross nearby crops into a single one.
    There are 2 reasons to do this: 1. you can obtain entirely new plants and then use their seeds to grow a new plantfarm.
    2. Every crossing modifys the attributes of a plant.
    There are three generic Attributes:
    Growth - Determines the speed the crop grows and becomes harvestable.
    Gain - Determines the amount of drops you gain from harvesting a plant.
    Resistance - Determines the plants ability to survive trampling, weed, insects and being plucked out of a crop without being destroyed.
    Crossing will mix up all nearby crops statistics and add a slight taste of RNG. Given enough trys, you can effectively raise a breed of super-crops for your own personal use.

    The thing i need now: Ideas.
    The whole Agriculture thingy is coded to be infinitely expandable. The Cropblock contains base code to handle everything but the specific attributes of a plant.
    These attributes can be defined in a specific class file, extending one of the API-classes (> it's extremely easy to add new plants via addons).
    Now it's your turn to suggest which sort of plants i'm meant to add per se.
    The information i need:
    -Name of your plant
    -Tier (valuability, ranging from 1 to 16)
    -Short description
    -Appearance (Keep it simple, we got 256 Sprites only, unless i code some other blocks in or stuff, keep in mind plants only grow within the crop block, they dont extend outwards, etc)
    -Gain (What does this plant produce? Wheat? Apples? Dirt? Cobble? As well, how much does it produce. Raw statements are preffered over numbers.)
    -Attributes (A set of words describing the plant. F.e. "Red" "Fire" "Explosive" for a plant setting people touching it on fire and dropping FireBlocks upon being harvested (random example))
    -Special abilitys/effects (Reacts special to entitys stumbling into the plant, f.e. damage or slow. Special growth behavior/requirements (f.e. light, biome))


    Wheat - Tier I
    -Basic plant to start with, drops low amount of wheat/seeds
    -Looks similar to normal Wheat
    -Wheat, Yellow, Natural, Food

    Creeperia - Tier IX
    -Plant with slow growth speed, producing low amounts of Bio-Gunpowder
    -Normal crop look, until fully grown, where it obtains grey-red-ish sacks or something
    -Explosive, Grey, Chemical
    -Attracts/Spawns Creepers nearby, Explodes if set ablaze

    You're free to suggest whatever you like. Given it does make sense to some point and is possible, your chances are good it will be added.
    The ideas aren't necessaryly ned to be realistic, as long as they fit into MC. Please try to think of plants for all tiers, we don't exactly need 200 T16 super-godlike-drop-uum plants.
    Special effects (f.e. creeper-spawning mentioned above) ARE possible, but unless they are trivial i may prefer taking easier plants to code.
    Consider reading this thread before posting your idea, we dont need multiple people suggesting the same idea.
    Addon creators are free to use ideas of this thread as soon as the new API+version is released.

    Additional Notes:
    -I preserve the right to comment posts directly in blue color, as well as delete entirely unfitting posts (unfitting = Off-Topic, overhyped ideas, impossible ideas). Please dont report your idea if it got deleted already.
    -These plants are BLOCKS only, no entitys, no mob. As well they won't be animated, just simple textures (and eventually particle effects).
    -Seeds are not craftable, in neither direction.
    -All plants can be obtained by crossing plants. The crossing system is implemented already and bases solely off a plants descriptive attributes.

  • Looks good !
    My ideas:

    Rusty root - Tier VI
    - Grows slowly, absorbs minor amounts of iron contained in soil
    - Drops itself. Can be burned/smelted to get iron dust/piece
    - Iron ore needs to be under soil block, needs no light, requires tool to break
    - Sharp, Rusty
    - Looks like rusty pumpkin stem, damages when breaking with hands

    Venomilia - Tier III
    - Grows fast, dies in darkness, kills nearby plants
    - Whole soil block needs to be replaced to get rid of it
    - Grows poison sacks, can be harvested and thrown
    - Food, Poison, Persistent
    - Walking over it (without boots) applies poison and destroys poison sacks
    - Violetish plant with (liquid)poison sacks

  • Ghastly Tears
    -Tier 12
    -Grows at a very slow rate with very low amount of drops.
    -Grows much like a melon or pumpkin stem, but then grows slightly out (within the block), where the tear will appear.
    -Ghast Tears

    -Tier 6
    -Grows at an average rate with medium amount of drops.
    -Grows like Wheat does, just red.
    -Must be below level 10 light, but above level 5 light.

    Sticky Reeds
    -Tier 5
    -Grows fairly fast with small to medium amount of drops.
    -Grows like Reeds.
    -Sticky Resin
    -Swamp Biome and near water.

    Random Dust Plant
    -Tier 8
    -Slow growth with low amount of drops.
    -Grows like Wheat
    -Clay/Copper/Tin/Iron/Gold Dusts
    -Below level 7 light.

    Kind of random ideas.

    ...What? There's no pineapples here.

    GENERATION Pineapple: The first pineapple you see, copy it into your sig on any forum and add sqrt(-1) to the generation. Pineapple experiment.

  • Creeper-Keeper - Tier 10-16

    -Plant with slow growth speed, producing only its own seeds, maybe low chance of sticky resin

    -Looks like green vines on the ground, until fully grown, where it obtains colored "sticky bits"
    -Immune to trampling

    -When fully grown, roots any mob that steps on it to that spot (also prevents endermen from TP-ing). Includes you, until it's destroyed.

    Dye Weed - Tier 1-5
    - Fast growth speed, producing seeds, and its color of dye
    - Looks like normal crops, with flowers of the appropriate color when fully grown

  • @Remuthra
    ... What ? :huh:


    AWESOME ^^

    Waterproof Cactus (?) - Tier V
    - Grows a little bit faster as a cacti
    - Drops "pipe waterproof" (that thingy that u use to make buidlcraft pipes waterproof) Can't drop foreign mods items
    - Hurt and poison you when you touch it
    - Green, looks a bit like a cacti
    - near it must water (near = 8 Blocks) [possible?] Sure

    canola - Tier 12
    - grows fast
    - Drops 2 items that can be used to make plantballs/biofuel
    - Looks like ... well canola, nevermind :D

  • Fuel Plant - Tier IV
    -Grows at middle speed, Producing 2-3 Bio-Coal
    -Normal Crop look, when fully grown there are light gray coal items hanging out to the sides (on the same block of course)
    -Drops a light gray version of coal, wich can be used in generators, being a bit less efficient than normal coal;
    if you macerate the bio-coal it gives you the seed for the plant
    -At the moment of growth it makes some particle effects because of the bio-coal
    -Looks like a fern, when fully grown it will have bio-coal hanging out the sides

    Energy Plant - Tier XI
    -Grows slowly, needs at least light level 13
    -When fully grown and cable is attached to the plant, it will give a pulse of like 10 EU/t for one second and
    then jump back to the first growth state, beginning to grow again
    If there is no wire attached when fully grown, it will have particle effects and after some time explode Amusing idea, but this isn't worth the effort to give the crops Electricity attributes. Easier would be to make the plant provide energy to nearby storage blocks (without using enet), but this would be quite useless (you would need at least a batbox next to each plant)
    -When fully grown and a creeper is nearby it will make a power creeper and jump back into first growth state
    -Looks like a stem with a light bulb on top, which is glowing at full growth state

  • Okay, first off I would like to say that I have always wanted an INDEPTH ag system in a mod for a long time. When I say INDEPTH i mean just as indepth as the potions system. Maybe its me being from a farming community but there is soooooo much possibility here.

    Secondly I will update this post as I think of things, I am not currently at home so it is not completed. This is just tier 1.

    All plants will be posted in this format


    • Tier
    • Description
    • Appearance
    • Gain
    • Attributes
    • Special Abilities
    • Notes


    • Tier: 1
    • Description: Default in game wheat
    • Appearance: Default in game wheat
    • Gain: Wheat Seeds, Wheat
    • Attributes: Default in game attributes
    • Special Abilities: None
    • Notes: This is just the default in game wheat.


    • Tier: 1
    • Description: Default game reeds
    • Appearance: Default game reeds
    • Gain: Reeds
    • Attributes: Default game attributes
    • Special Abilities: None
    • Notes: Default game reeds

    ((And now its time to go out to eat... i will finish organizing this at a later time))

    Pumpkins 1 Default Pumpkin Default Pumpkin Pumpkin, Seeds Default Ingame
    Mellon 1 Default Mellon Default Mellon Mellon Slices, Seeds Default Ingame
    Rose 1 Default Rose Default Rose
    (Yellow) Rose Flower, Rose Seeds Default Ingame
    Dandelion 1 Default Dandelion Default Dandelion (Yellow) Dandelion Flower, Dandelion Seeds Default Ingame
    Day Lilly 1 Blue flower Similar to the rose, blue color Day Lilly Flower, Day Lilly Seeds Day Lilly Flower can be used to make blue dye The reason for adding the blue flower is to complete the color wheel allowing easier creation of all dyes.
    Cocoa Plant 1 Shrub that has cocoa beans on it Similar to some of the random shrubs the grow in the bioms Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Plant Seed Default Cocoa
    Corn 1 Plant that grows like reeds, contains corn Green stalky substance, turns tan when fully grown. Corn Stalk, Corn Does not need to be near water. Takes 10 game days to grow Corn Stalk used to make plant balls to make bio fuel. Corn can be used to replant the plant.

  • Lucealia - Tier II (tier so low because it needs low light level - many plants need higher)
    - Basic plant to increase production of scotophilic(likes darkness) plants
    - Average grow rate, makes surrounding plants grow faster, drops shining seeds
    - Requires light level below 8, produces light(like RS torch - 7)
    - Fertilizing, Scotophilic, Nyctophilic(shiny)
    - Looks like cut ball, color - aqua

    GMAT - Tier VII (Genetically Modified Apple Tree)
    - sapling-like(bonsai) plant, fast growth speed, average apple production speed
    - Requires grass/dirt, few apples can be gathered at once
    - Not gathered apples will rot after few days, must be gathered to grow new apples
    - Plantball can be crafted with rotten apples
    - Looks like sapling, then with small red apples on it

  • Portalium:

    Tier 8?

    Appearance: a small lemon melon tree

    Drops: combustable lemons melons, becuse why not? We have our lasers, we just need our combustable melons! Combustable melons would be thrown similar to dynamite, destroy less blocks/none at all, and set entities on fire

    When hit with a fist, plant explodes. Must be picked with a special tool. When picked, plant reverts to having no fruit. If walked over, plant explodes. Possibly a combination of a plant that produces gunpowder and a melon plant. Requires light between level 8 and level 12. If under, plant does not grow, if over, plant has a chance to explode. Moderately slow growth rate.

  • Enderbegone :P

    Tier X
    -Water plant, so looks blue I guess.
    -Medium growth
    -Must be planted underground, with water nearby perhaps also?
    -Causes drops of water(like when there is water just above a block) to fall from the ceilling in a certain area around it
    -Any Enderman that appears in its radius either take damage, or cannot appear/move into in the area
    -Creates a block of water next to it if harvested, no other drops

    I have been having a plague of endermen running amok in my basement for quite sometime now.:( This would be just the thing to keep them out. 8)

    Hell, prove me wrong, Happy to be so 99% of the time, then I can learn stuff :)

  • -Electro-Vine

    -Tiers 4, 8, 12, 16

    -A tough hardy plant that has developed a powerful electrical current as a defense mechanism

    -A straight-growing reed. Normally a dull yellow-ish brown, the higher tiers are bluer and whiter with the top tier being a bright neon blue.

    -drops cuttings of this plant which can be put into batteries or machines to power them directly.
    Tier 4 can be put into anything and provides the same amount of power as redstone, Tier 8 can only be put into batboxes and above and provide four times as much power as redstone. Tiers 12 and 16 can only be put into MFE and MFSU's respectivly and provide 16X a and 256X the power of redstone, respectivly
    Cuttings can be planted, but will die without some form of plant matter to support it until it's able to support itself (logs, giant mushrooms work, will dissapear once fully grown. 2-4 bonemeal can be used to bring it to full growth without needing a host to parasite off of.

    -Electric, Glowing, Thrumming.

    -Coming in contact with the vine causes damage per second(1/2 heart for tier 4, 1 heart for tier 8, 3 hearts for tier 12, and 8 hearts for tier 16)
    Tiers 8, 12, and 16 create light, with tier 16 providing as much power as a torch.
    Putting a cable within a 2 block radius of the plant will negate the damaging effect and dump power into the cable (.5 eu/t, 1 eu/t, 2 eu/t and 4 eu/t respectivly) assuming there's a place for it to go. Multiple plants within that radius of the cable will all dump it into aforementioned cable in one large packet in an attempt to overload the cable, so use high-tiered cabling to be safe.
    Does not grow normally, must be spread using cuttings.

    -Tier 6
    -Requires a metal ore block to be within 3 blocks (on the same altitude) to grow
    -When harvested, drops scrap.
    -Spreads naturally
    -Looks roughly like a sapling, but with various colored bits of metal hanging off
    -The more ore blocks nearby, the more scrap each plant produces, but plants cannot grow on top of ore blocks They can only grow in cropblocks in first place, so the less plants can grow. drop rate growth is logarithmic
    -Gritty, Rusty, Shiny

    Lava Vine
    -Tier 9
    -only grows in the nether
    -Harvesting produces cuttings which can be planted to spread it
    -Does not spread naturally
    -Right-clicking with an empty cell fills cell with lava. each plant can produce up to 8 lava cells before needing time to generate more lava
    -Destroying in unorthadox methods (walking on, blowing up, any method besides harvesting it to death) creates a lava source block where the plant was, unless the plant is out of lava (due to lava cell creation)
    -Glowing red bamboo shoots, with glowing bulbs (lava sacs)

  • Silicon Flower
    -Tier 2
    -Average to slow growth speed
    -Requires a Sand block to be within 4 blocks on the same level or right below the plant to grow- Requires sunlight to grow not torches or glowstone
    -When harvested, drops silicon dust. This dust when you put 6 in the crafting table on the top and bottom with 3 redstone in the middle to make a silicon ball then place in a compressor to make a photocell and use them in place of electric circuits in the solar panels.
    -Silicon dust can be used in place of redstone in circuit

    -Looks roughly like a flowers, but with a disk top and shinyish gray color
    -Has a low chance to shock you, the chance is dependent on how many flowers surround you. you should probably spread out these flowers a little.
    -Plants that are full grown can slowly recharge a RE-Battery by right clicking on it. The more flowers surrounding the one you right click on the faster the charge. Charging a RE-Battery directly from the plant can cause it to die.

    -Tier 3
    -Slow growth speed
    -Requires glowstone blocks within 7 blocks and 5 above That's quite a big radius. Big radius = CPU load
    -When harvested gives glopods, these can then be macerated into glowstone dust.
    -Looks like wheat with a resemblance to glowstone.
    -Full grown plants give off light

    -Tier 10
    -Extremely slow growth speed
    -Requires a Refined Uranium Block(9 bars in a crafting table type block) within 10 blocks
    -When harvested gives Radgrass, 4 in a block shape in the crafting table give a Radgrass Bundle put in the extractor and get raw uranium.
    -Looks like tall grass gives off a greenish glow.
    -Full grown grass poisons you with radiation if you stand within 5 blocks for longer then 1 minute.

    This is going to be an awesome addition to IC cannot wait.


  • Blackshroom
    -Tier 4
    -Very low light levels to grow
    -Harvesting produces 1-2 Blackroots which can be macerated into coal dust
    -Average growing speed

    -The Blackroots also be eaten. They cause poison damage but fill up the hunger bar with the same amount as a steak
    -Destroying in ways other than harvesting causes it to catch nearby things on fire
    -Starts out as small mushroom, growing to fill up the whole block. Black, typical mushroom.

    -Tier 2
    -Normal Light levels
    -Harvesting Produces 2-3 scrap
    -VERY FAST growing speed
    -Just looks like a grey/brown bush.
    -If possible speeds up growth of plants around it (sucks up the bad stuff in the soil)

    I wonder how many cells I can put into my reactor before it ex... BOOOM!
    :Uranium Ingot: + MinecraftCreeper dust+ my friends base= fun

  • Slimed Shrub
    -Tier (4)
    -for those people who can never seem to find slimes.
    -Appearance (a green dead shrub) [changing color doesn't take up a sprite?]
    -Gain (a small amount of slimeballs)
    -Attributes (sticky)
    -Special abilitys/effects (slows mobs like soul sand, susceptible to high temperatures)

  • Anything that produces glowstone, redstone, diamond, or lapis(or anything else 'more' valuable) should be a fairly high tiered plant, with minimal seed drops, say 0-1 with a rare 2 drop, and be very environmentally picky. In addition, anything that produces a block or item not already infinitely producable(such as all stone types as well as wheat, meat and wood) should be medium to high tiered.

    As for actual plant suggestions, how about:

    Name: whatever, i am horrible with naming things.
    Tier: 8
    Short Desc: Plant only found/created and usable in swamp biomes used to create clay.
    Appearance: Looks like a plant.
    Gain: When harvested, produces mud that can be dried in a furnace to produce a clay ball.
    Attributes: grayish, clay-like color that can be used with any visual style of plant.
    Abilities: Can only be planted in swamp biomes and directly next to swamp water(not on the border of a different biome if the water changes color)

    Name: Icicle
    Tier: 5-8
    Short Desc: Plant that creates snowballs/ice blocks, not usable in desert biomes, and better drops in snow biomes
    Appearance: An Icicle
    Gain: When harvested, produces some ice shaving(seeds) that can be combined into an ice block, or planted elsewhere.
    Attributes: white, blue, translucent
    Abilities: requires no lava within 15 blocks(no lava light reaches it), requires low light, say, under level 10, will not 'plant' in desert biome, and matures fastest in snow biome, requires to be 'planted' on the underside of a block, with water above that block (think about the water drips growing an icicle). Using a Macerator on an ice block will create a 'seed' or two, the ice shavings produced when harvesting the plant.

  • Dog rose Tier III
    -A shrub with some flowers on top
    -Produces a few roses and probably the fruit (I think it's called hips)
    -Deals little damage on contact
    -Grows a bit faster than cacti
    -Shrub, Damage, Flowers

    Anti-matter flower Tier XVI
    -Gain: UU-matter
    -Appearance: Purpleish flowers looking like UU-matter, some mysteriously looking purple particles
    -Grows VERY slow
    -Needs 15 light light, easily trampled
    -Spawns endermen if doesn't have enough light
    -'Matter', 'Monsters', 'Enderman', 'Purple

  • Berries - Tier I
    - Basic plant, grows very fast
    - Needs sunlight, not torches or glowstone
    - Drops a few berries when harvested
    - The berries double as both food and seeds
    - Can be found in the wild. (if possible?) Nope, as cropblocks dont occur naturally
    - Appear as vines when growing, vines with berries when ready
    - Sometimes has spines/thorns, damaging mobs that walk into it (but not much)
    - "food", "basic", "sunlight", "wild", "spiky"

    Tomatoes - Tier II
    - Basic plant, grows at medium speed
    - Bred from berries. (Big berries? lol)
    - Appear as vines when growing, vines with tomatoes when ready
    - Drops few fruit on harvest.
    - "food", "basic", "red"

    Potato - Tier I
    - Basic plant, grows slowly
    - Appears as a bush while growing, bush with blue flowers when ready
    - Harvesting when not ready yields less or smaller potatoes.
    - Hardy plant, very resistant to trampling and bugs
    - Drops a medium amount of food when harvested
    - "food", "basic", "hardy", "early harvest"

    Topato - Tier III
    - Hybrid plant that produces both potatoes and tomatoes. (These really exist without a name)
    - Appears as a bush while growing, bush with tomatoes when ready
    - Harvesting when not ready yields only potatoes
    - Yields about half as many tomatoes and potatoes as either base plant, but produces both so it evens out.
    - "food", "crossbreed"

  • Horia
    -Tier 4
    -Looks like a sapling/dead shrub when fully grown(if it possible)
    -Grow with speed of wheat, drop low amount of seeds and sometimes wooden hoe
    -Deal half heart of damage when steped on

    -Tier 7
    -Looks like an icicle
    -Grow with fast speed, drop low amount of seeds and glass blocks
    -"blue","sharp", "cold"
    -Deal half heart of damage when steped on

    GMW(Genetically Modified Wheat)
    -Tier 3
    -Looks like a wheat
    -Grow with fast speed, drop some seeds and twice as much wheat

    Industrial Wheat
    -Tier 9
    -Older brother of GMW
    -Looks like a wheat
    -Grow with very fast speed, drop some seeds and three times as much wheat as regular wheat, require hi light level.
    -Have a chance to poison when player is near

  • Chernobyl Thistle - Tier 15:
    - Very slow grow speed, produces uranium and only grows on uranium blocks.
    - Glows green, and give players and mobs a green glow if touched.
    - Explodes if not harvested in time, turns nearby pigs into aggressive zombie pigmen.
    - Flower, green, explosive, mutator.

    Nether Rose - Tier 12
    - Fast grow speed, turns dirt into netherrack, Spreads if its possible? (It would be so cool to see a nether rose infested miecraft area :D), drops blaze powder.
    - Red/yellow fiery look, has a small chance to set nearby neatherrack on fire.
    - Flower, green, flammable.

    Cotton - Tier 7
    - Medium grow speed. produces wool
    - Wheat with white dots

    Tesla bush - Tier 10
    - Slow grow speed, slowly charges a players electronic equipment, when standing near it.
    - Looks like leaves with blue dots, glows blue, hurts players when harvested, might be used in future recipes.
    - Bush, electric.

    Araneolus lignum (My Google translate for spider tree)- Tier - 8
    - Medium grow speed, Spawns spiders and cob webs.
    - Looks like normal trees but darker
    - Tree, spawner

  • Solar Flowers

    Tier - 14 (Depends on certain abilities below)

    Appearance - Either a blue or yellow headed sunflower.

    Special Abilities - Everyone knows about the Solar Flower from IC1, and were used quite frequently. Well, this play on words is an ACTUAL solar flower, capable of breaking down the sun's power through IC photosynthesis and converting it into energy. But what makes this sunflower different from the rest is the ability to produce a small amount of EU's capable of being transferred with either with regular cables, or having a converter cable right beside the plant to allow the connection of regular cables to the converter cable. I'm not sure on the ability to code something of this manner, but I'm happy with either option. The tier level I wasn't sure what to put, but it would go up or down depending on how much power it produces. I was thinking something a bit smaller that a solar panel in terms of power production, but am not sure if that is possible.

    Requirements : Obviously unobstructed light, or a light level of 15, whichever is applicable. As well, plants need CO2, but am at a loss on how to implement that, we will just assume that it gets it from the cows or something.

    "Sunny" "Yellow (or blue if you want to stay true to the current solar panel sprite)"

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