Agriculture: Post CropIdeas here!

  • Cabbage - Tier I
    -Plant seeds and it grows into a melon shaped block, but without vine.
    -Harvest makes one cabbage plant and one seed
    -Edible with food attributes of a melon slice

    Head Cabbage- Tier II
    -Combine Rotten Flesh and Cabbage seeds to make Head Cabbage seeds
    -Harvest makes one head cabbage seed and one rotten flesh
    -Grows in same light conditions as mushrooms
    -Looks like a brain inside a few leaves
    -Attracts Zombies

    Greenlight Grass- Tier II
    -Looks like normal grass except it gives off a faint green glow, maybe only a block or two
    -Occurs naturally and looks exactly like normal grass until the sun goes down

    Switchgrass- Tier III
    -Taller than normal grass
    -Easy to move through, hard to see through
    -Harvest produces chances of seeds and grass bale (like wheat)
    -Grass Bales used to make plant clumps for biofuel

    Cotton- Tier III
    -Plant grows like a melon stalk
    -When mature, will have Cotton Boll on top of stalk
    -Harvest for random number of seeds and Cotton Bolls
    -Combine 9 Cotton Bolls to make a Cotton Bale
    -Cotton bales used as a substitute to Wool

  • Barley - Tier 2

    Description: It is actually barley, to make things simple just put it into the canning machine and produce beer.

    Appearence: It looks much like wheat.
    Gain: Actually you can produce beer with it. Beer will make you drunk (works like a potion), meaning that you are slower but will take less damage (I guess thats possible)
    Attributes: It isn't that picky, but like wheat there are many insects and other animals that like it.

  • Cocoa Plant - Tier III
    - Looks like pumpkin / melon stems. Fruit are yellow just like the real cocoa plant.
    - Seeds can be crafted with cocoa beans and regular seeds
    - Drops a fair amount of cocoa beans
    - Cocoa Beans are used for dying wool or could be used to make chocolate or so
    - grows with average speed (like wheat)

    Uranium Plant - Tier XIV
    - looks odd, not like a normal plant.
    - Extracts uranium from the ground
    - Drops itself, can be crafted to some kind of "uranium-plantball" from which a single uranium ore can be extracted.
    - grows very slowly

    Fossile Coal Plant - Tier VI
    - looks like black/gray reed
    - basically extracts remains of ancient lifeforms from the ground
    - drops itself; drop can be smelted to regular coal which would make coal a renewable resource
    - grows slowly

    Marihuana - Tier X
    - everyone should know how it looks
    - requires max. light level and water or else it will drop/disappear
    - drops stuff which can be eaten by the player and has the same effects as the swiftness/strength potions combined
    - grows very slowly

    Bamboo - Tier I
    - looks like reed just a little more "yellow"
    - same environmental requirements as sugar cane
    - drops bamboo blocks which are a cheap building material like wooden planks. bamboo blocks are translucent but resist against water
    - grows fast

    Most epic idea ever implemented in a mod thanks to Alblaka:

    Coal --> :Coal Dust: --> :Coalball: --> :Compressed Coal Ball: --> :Coal Chunk: --> :Industrial Diamond:

    No more digging at layer 20, always endangered by freaking lava lakes, just chilling and waiting for the diamonds!

  • Electro-plant - Tier XV
    Grow rate ~600 seconds
    Drops a single-use battery when harvested.
    Deals 5 damage (2.5 hearts) when punched w/o rubber boots/qsuit boots.
    Un-trampleable, when a mob or player that is not wearing rubber/qsuit boots is within a 2 block radius, it deals 2 damage. (1 heart)
    So the range would be like
    :):) :Force Field: :):)
    :) :Force Field: :Force Field: :Force Field: :)
    :Force Field: :Force Field: :Geothermal Generator: :Force Field: :Force Field:
    :) :Force Field: :Force Field: :Force Field: :)
    :):) :Force Field: :):)

    Where :) = safe, :Force Field: = getting hurt, and :Geothermal Generator: = Electro-plant


    It has become a little stubbly. Implement facial hair growth in IC²? Vision continuously grows more furry until you shave. (approx once every 2 minecraft days ;P)

    Steve shaves with his chainsaw.
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  • First post after much lurking!

    I'm not sure about the tiers on these

    -Tier 5
    -A reedy, black grass
    -Appearance: Recolored Tall-grass? (black)
    -Gain: Carbon Fibers
    -Attributes: Carbon, black, Low-light
    -Special abilitys/effects: Flammable, Easily trampled

    -Tier 5
    -A really tall grass used for biofuel production (…/2008/07/080730155344.htm)
    -Appearance: See the photo in the article. Perhaps a recolored tall wheat?
    -Gain: Grass stalks, fed through the extractor :Extractor: , then canned :Canning Machine: directly into bio-fuel cells :Bio Cell:
    -Attributes: Tall, brown
    -Special abilitys/effects: Impassable (The grass clumps are far too thick to simple walk through) Flammable, Easily trampled, Requires direct sunlight, soil does not need to be irrigated Not sure whether i can relink the blockbounds to TE. Shoudl be possible

    (I know solar plants are common on this thread but I hope this is a unique idea at least)
    -Tier 8
    -A flower that, when grown in the area around a special generator, produces power I wont add new machines just to work with one specific plant (Perhaps use the regular, existing generator?) (Maybe make the Solar Panel more efficient based on Solaria nearby?)
    -Appearance: A broad light-blue flower
    -Gain: A special generator produces power based on how many of these flowers are growing around it (Like the watermill :Water Mill: )
    -Attributes: Short,Solar
    -Special abilitys/effects: Requires irrigation, direct sunlight, application of carbon dust :Coal Dust: to grow [Possible?] Nope (Mix the seeds with carbon dust in the crafting grid to make them plantable?)

  • Name of your plant: Silk Plant
    Tier: 6
    Short description: This plant grows silk, and when harvested it will drop wool. if you right click a dye on it, the plant will change it colors, and the dropped wool will have the same color as the dye you applied. applying another dye, on an already dyed plant, will give it a different (available) color. (doesnt mean you can make any color you want, the color needs to be available) it takes 3 minecraft days for the plant to go from stage 1 to stage 2
    Appearance: it first looks like wheat, that is its first stage, its second stage looks like a normal dandelion/rose, but first in white. and if you apply a dye to it itll change it color according to the dye,
    Gain: it produces wool, if you harvest it by hand, it drops 1 wool and 1 seed and breaks the plant, if you harvest it with shears, itll drop more wool (like it does with a sheep) when sheared the plant will go back to stage 1 till it regrows to stage 2. when harvested in stage 1, itll only drop 1 seed at a 50% rate
    Attributes: the silk is produced by cocoons of larvae, but the insects are too small to see, instead it gives of light colored particles at sunset/sunrise, which represents the bugs moving to the plants.
    Special abilitys/effects: this plant is very fragile, if you walk on it itll scare the insects away and no silk can be produced. so any touching without pressing shift causes the plant to be completely destroyed. insects like it near water, so a water source needs to be placed within a 2 block radius. the plant also needs to be planted above groundlevel 50, otherwise the insects cant get near it.

    Name of your plant: Lilac Flower
    Tier: 8
    Short description: This plant gives of a scent that any mob, whether it be a good or bad mob, dislikes, causing an area to become mob-free. this is helpful if you like to have the front of your house, or a certain area mob free to do your thing.
    Appearance: first stage is that of a pumpkin seed, 2nd stage it looks like a rose, but then in light purpleish color.
    Gain: harvesting a stage 1 plant drops no seed, harvesting a stage 2 plant drops 1 to 2 seeds. no tool is needed for harvesting
    Attributes: the scent thats given of by this plant keeps any mobs away in a 3x3 area. the radius can be increased if you plant them close to eachother, which strengthens the scent and thus increases the radius
    Special abilitys/effects: this is a sturdy plant, you can easily walk over it without destroying it, but it needs alot of sunglight, so it can only be planted above ground.

    Name of your plant: Lilac Flower
    Tier: 8
    Short description: This plant gives of a scent that any mob, whether it be a good or bad mob, dislikes, causing an area to become mob-free. this is helpful if you like to have the front of your house, or a certain area mob free to do your thing.
    Appearance: first stage is that of a pumpkin seed, 2nd stage it looks like a rose, but then in light purpleish color.
    Gain: harvesting a stage 1 plant drops no seed, harvesting a stage 2 plant drops 1 to 2 seeds. no tool is needed for harvesting
    Attributes: the scent thats given of by this plant keeps any mobs away in a 3x3 area. the radius can be increased if you plant them close to eachother, which strengthens the scent and thus increases the radius
    Special abilitys/effects: this is a sturdy plant, you can easily walk over it without destroying it, but it needs alot of sunglight, so it can only be planted above ground.

    Name of your plant: Carbon Plant
    Tier: 14
    Short description: This little plant is the new stuff on plant research, if you take carbon fiber, and you macerate it, and if you combine the macerated carbon dust with a plantball, you can make a carbon seed. but research is still a little unknown about this plant and it seems to have a bit of weird attributes to it.
    Appearance: it's the same as wheat, but its black colored
    Gain: when harvested in it's final stage, itll drop carbon plates. if harvested before the final stage, itll drop seeds.
    Attributes: this plant needs alot of pressure to be able to produce carbon plates, thats why it can only be planted on groundlevel 7, 1 level above bedrock. it can only be planted on a stone block, and it needs a light level of 0 to be able to grow. you also need to place a block above it to put pressure on it.
    Special abilitys/effects: this plant is near indestructable, unless you are planning to ask a creeper for a dance near it. this plant needs alot of pressure so it takes a long time before it can produce carbon plates, but if you plant a few of these, and come back in a week in minecraft, you can get quite a bit of carbon plates for basically nothing.

    just a few ideas of mine, disregard if its not interesting or not possible

  • Lemon Plant
    Tier 2: Low growth speed, low drops
    Describtion: We need lemons in minecraft! Lemons can be used for food and combustable lemons. You can extract yellow dye from it too!
    Gain:Lemons (1-6)
    Attributes: Desert biome, light level influences growth speed (10+ required), can be harvested multiple times without destroying the plant, needs water, like wheat, to grow

  • Name: Lazuul
    Tier: 11
    Short Description: It is a hybrid of melons and lapis lazuli. Seeds must be crafted with lapis lazuli and a melon seed. Grows like melons, but is slower.
    Appearance: Blue-ish melon vine with red melons. The inside of the melon is blue.
    Gain: Blue melon slices that can be eaten for the same effect as melon or used in an extractor to get lapis lazuli. Each melon produces 1-3 slices when broken.
    Attributes: Melon, Blue, Food.
    Special: Cannot produce its own seeds, they must be crafted as stated above.

    Name: Razorous
    Tier: 4
    Short Description: A small sharp plant that produces flint
    Appearance: A small shrub, hard and rigid look, sharp angles
    Gain: drops 2-4 flint when mined with a pickaxe
    Attributes: Sharp, black, painful
    Special: Damages any mob (including player) that touches it, much like cacti. Can be planted in long rows to act like a razor sharp fence.

    Name: Moltus
    Tier: 3
    Short Description: A big, fluffy plant. Drops feathers without being destroyed when you jump on it.
    Appearance: Looks like a big brown mushroom, but with a white top.
    Gain: Can be sheared for feathers or jumped on for a chance of dropping a feather.
    Attributes: White, Fluffy, Semi-durable
    Special: Drops feathers when jumped on

  • Sanguine flower
    -tier 4
    -red-orange ish coloured flower
    -extremely slow growing
    -can be burnt in geothermal generator for immense energy

  • EDIT: Ok, now that there's more information on the blog post, I'll need to rework these a bit. I'll get to that soon.

    Well, time to throw my own nutty plants into the mix.
    Most of these are put together with consideration of crossbreeding for better usefulness, each with pluses and minuses to itself, whether it be their growth rate, drop rate, or resistance to destruction, or other extra effects.

    All names, appearances, and tiers are very welcome to improvements and changes. I'm godawful with names.
    All abilities and production values are welcome to suggestions.

    Name: Darkwheat
    Tier: 2
    Short Description: Basic wheat that grows better in the dark than the light.
    Appearance: Possibly the same as wheat, maybe a dark/purple top to it?
    Gain: wheat (1), darkwheat seeds (0-2)
    Attributes: Food, Wheat
    Special abliities/effects: None other than growing better in darkness instead of light.
    Growth speed: In light: Slow, In darkness: Medium (Or, if not possible, just similar growth rate to normal wheat.)
    Resistance: Medium

    Name: Hellweed
    Tier: 3
    Short Description: Fiery red plant that only grows near lava.
    Appearance: Possibly like one of the flowers. Red in color.
    Gain: Hellweed (1), Hellweed seed (0-2)
    Attributes: Red, fiery, fuel
    Special abliities/effects: Hellweed is a fuel with a 1:1 efficiency. 1 hellweed can smelt 1 item in a normal furnace. (10 seconds) Usable in generators as well. Will light anything standing on it on fire.
    Growth speed: Slow, and will only grow within 1 block of lava.
    Resistance: Strong

    Name: Creeping Vines
    Tier: 5
    Short Description: Very fast growth rate plant, attracts creepers, drops vines which can be crafted into gunpowder. (9 vines into 1 gunpowder)
    Appearance: Tangled mass of vines (possible creeper-face look?)
    Gain: Creeping Vine (1), Creeping Vine Seeds (1-3)
    Attributes: Attracts creeper, craftable, green, fast growth
    Special abliities/effects: Attracts creepers to it. (Or spawns them nearby.)
    Growth speed: Very fast.
    Resistance: Medium.

    Name: Dognip
    Tier: 5
    Short Description: Slow growth rate plant that attracts wolves
    Appearance: Plant stem with a bone on it.
    Gain: Dognip seeds (0-1)
    Attributes: attracts wolves, weak
    Special abliities/effects: Spawns/attracts wolves to it
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Fragile. Will break easily if walked on. Wolves can and will step on and break this without protection.

    Name: Chernobyl's revenge
    Tier: 12
    Short Description: A very slowly growing plant that will create very small deposits of uranium within itself. (9 harvested plants on the crafting grid will make one unrefined uranium. I'd say more, but 9 is the max you can go without requiring more intermediate items.) Will only grow within 1 block of nuclear reactors (additional chambers do not work.)
    Appearance: Sickly-looking withered plant that appears to glow with a faint light.
    Gain: Uranium bit (0-1), Chernobyl's Revenge seed (0-1)
    Attributes: Green, glowing, uranium.
    Special abliities/effects: Glows faintly (roughly equivalent to redstone torch light output?)
    Growth speed: Very slow
    Resistance: Fragile

    Name: Waterleaf
    Tier: 3
    Short Description: A hardy plant that requires a lot of water near it to grow. (Water within 1-2 blocks) Can be used to craft a water block ("held in place with plant fibers which break when they hit the ground. ~Imaaaagiiination~" :B 9 waterleaf makes 1 water block.)
    Appearance: Bluegreen plant similar to a pumpkin/melon stem with a large leaf on top of it.
    Gain: Waterleaf(1), Waterleaf seeds (1-2)
    Attributes: Grows near water, bluegreen
    Special abliities/effects: Damages Endermen standing in it (possibly without making them teleport away?)
    Growth speed: Medium
    Resistance: Medium

    Name: Flintvine
    Tier: 6
    Short Description: Sharp plant that slowly grows usable flint.
    Appearance: Grey plant with flint-like leaves growing in a spiral.
    Gain: Flint(1-3), flintvine seed(0-2)
    Attributes: grey, damaging, resource-drop
    Special abliities/effects: Will slowly damage anything walking through it.
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Medium (Can withstand 1 or 2 tramples without breaking)

    Name: Recycler's Plant
    Tier: 9
    Short Description: A rare plant that grows near recyclers (within 1-3 blocks). It tends to look like a pile of junk, and produces an ample supply to keep the recycler going for a while.
    Appearance: Messy-looking plant that sags on the ground.
    Gain: Recycler Leaves (4-7), Recycler's Plant Seeds (3-4)
    Attributes: High drop rate
    Special abliities/effects: None
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Medium

    Name: Dustcrop
    Tier: 14
    Short Description: A rare plant that grows trace fragments of minerals on it's leaves. Collecting the dust off the leaves once fully grown usually results in a decent size pile of iron dust.
    Appearance: Rusty red crop with sharp leaves pointing in various directions
    Gain: Small Pipe of Iron Dust (1) (Not the one that makes an ingot, but the one that needs to be combined to make an iron dust.), Dustcrop seed(0-1)
    Attributes: Strong, red, mineral production
    Special abliities/effects: Slowly damages anything that walks through or stands in it
    Growth speed: Very slow
    Resistance: Strong

    Name: Farmland snare
    Tier: 8
    Short Description: A plant that tends to attract farm animals to it. Sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens all love to gather around it.
    Appearance: A small white stringy plant that loops and coils all around.
    Gain: String (1-2), Farmland Snare seed (0-1)
    Attributes: Attracts animals, white, string production
    Special abliities/effects: Stops anything that stands on it from moving until broken. Attracts farm animals to it. (Preferrably does not spawn them nearby, only attracts them.)
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Medium (immune to trample)

    Name: Staticweed
    Tier: 13
    Short Description: A plant that produces an abundance of electricity stored within itself. Releases a shock upon breaking.
    Appearance: A short plant that zigzags across the ground and sticks randomly in the air.
    Gain: Staticweed(1), Staticweed plant(0-1)
    Attributes: Electrical, yellow
    Special abliities/effects: Shocks whatever broke it for 2 damage (1 full heart), can be put in the compressor to receive 1 non-rechargeable battery.
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Low

    Name: Sappling
    Tier: 4
    Short Description: A small plant that produces an abundant amount of resin sap around itself.
    Appearance: Small orange-ish plant that looks somewhat like a rubber tree sapling
    Gain: Resin(2-3), Sappling seed(1-2)
    Attributes: orange, resource production, slowing
    Special abliities/effects: VERY slowly spreads resin on nearby blocks, slows anything walking through it.
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Medium

    Name: Glowing chrysanthemum
    Tier: 15
    Short Description: A brightly glowing plant that grows in dark areas only.
    Appearance: Yellowish plant with bright flowers that glow when fully grown.
    Gain: Glowing Chrysanthemum Bulb(1) (Usable as a seed OR able to be macerated for 1 glowstone dust)
    Attributes: Glows, yellow
    Special abliities/effects: Grows in darkness, glows at 13(?) light level.
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Fragile

    Name: Black Fiber Vine
    Tier: 16
    Short Description: Long black coiled plant that produces a considerable amount of carbon within itself.
    Appearance: Black mass of tubes with small black flowers on the tip when fully grown.
    Gain: Coal dust(0-2), Carbon tube(0-1, Very rare), Black Fiber Vine seed (0-1, Very rare)
    Attributes: black, resource production.
    Special abliities/effects: None
    Growth speed: Very slow
    Resistance: Very fragile, prone to falling apart at the slightest touch.

    Name: Slimebush
    Tier: 10
    Short Description: A small shrub that produces a viscous slime that almost seems to have a life of it's own.
    Appearance: Small green shrub covered with a layer of slime.
    Gain: Slimeball(1), Slimebush seed(0-1)
    Attributes: green, slime
    Special abliities/effects: Walking through one is like walking on ice, you slip and slide a bit. Very rarely spawns slimes near itself (normally the smallest size if that's controllable.)
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Strong

  • Thornbush
    Tier 4
    Drops cuttings which can be used to make thorn clusters: 1/2 block high clusters of thorns that do damage to anyone walking on or otherwise colliding with them. Great for putting on top of fences.
    Sharp, Thorny, Painful
    Colliding with the plant has a 1 in 3 chance per second of causing 1 heart of damage

    Toxic mushrooms
    Tier 4
    Drops toxic spores which can be used to cause your next melee attack to poison the enemy. (alternately, attacking an enemy with the toxic spores out poisons the enemy.) Does not work on skeletons. Craft with arrows to create poison arrows. Craft with thorn clusters to create poisoned thorn clusters.
    Noxious, Musty, Fungal

  • Dry branch - Low tier
    - Looks like the dead bushes found in deserts.
    - Drops some sticks and occasionally a plank.
    - Drops a dead bush if cut with shears.
    - Regrows very fast.
    - Can grow under almost any condition; does not require water or light.
    - Wood, simple, fast.

    Prank plant - Medium tier
    - A weird looking plant with colorful berries.
    - Drops a few prank berries. Prank berries have a random effect, including but not limited to:
    healing, sating hunger, increasing speed, causing sickness and setting the consumer on fire.
    - Average regrowth speed.
    - Grows faster in mushroom biomes.
    - Colorful, chance, funny.

    Expertus rubus - High tier
    - A tall, curved plant with shiny leaves.
    - Drops an expertus leaf, which yields experience upon digestion.
    - Regrows slowly.
    - Only grows in high altitudes in temperate biomes.
    - Bright, smart, slow.

  • My Ideas:

    Eggplant - Tier ~5
    -can be harvested for one egg, then reverts back to first growth state.
    -takes twice as long as wheat to grow, growth affected by the same things as wheat.
    -round, bush, eggy
    -looks like a bush, with an egg on top when fully matured
    -same resistance to trampling and bugs as wheat

    Money Tree - Tier ~11
    -has 3 states: sapling, tree, fruit.
    -advances between the states at medium speed
    -can only be harvested when at fruit stage
    -if harvested with shears drops 1-3 coins and reverts to tree stage
    -if harvested with anything else drops 1-3 coins and 1-3 money seeds, and is destroyed.
    -looks like a sapling with golden leaves in first two stages, and grows grey dots at the third stage
    -money, rich, heavy, tree
    -requires high light levels and irrigated farmland
    -cannot be trampled. completely resistant to bugs when at sapling and tree stage. when at fruit stage it has a low resistance to bugs.
    -if it catches bugs at fruit stage then it will give nothing next time it is harvested.

    Cloudberry- Tier ~12
    -must be planted above sea level (level 64 or above)
    -requires a light level of 13 or above to grow
    -medium growth speed
    -when harvested drops 1-2 cloud berries, which act as seeds and crop. harvesting completely destroys plant.
    -cloud berries can be thrown and make lightning strike where they land
    -can be crafted with water cells to give electrolysed water cells
    -looks like a generic bush, the berries are white.
    -high, white, electric, light, soft
    -deals 1 point of damage per sec to anything standing on it
    -resistance to bugs depends on height. low resistance at layer 64, almost complete resistance at level 127.

    Sky Crystal - Tier 16
    -created by crossing cloudberry and UUM plant (assuming it gets added)
    -small plant with thin blue-green leaves, small light blue buds when mature
    -very slow growth speed, only grows when on top layer of the world and in light level 15 (only possible when exposed to direct sunlight)
    -dies if in a light level less than 14
    -when harvested drops 1-2 crystal shard, which acts as seed and crop. % chance to be destroyed when harvested, dependent on its resistance.
    -9 crystal shards in the crafting table get a (industrial?) diamond
    -shiny, thin, crystal, sky
    -completely resistant to bugs. trampling instantly kills it.

    Rapeseed - Tier 14
    -slow growth speed, only grows when in light level 15.
    -drops 5-10 rapeseed, its seed and crop. destroyed when harvested.
    -rapeseed requires a lot of processing to be useful
    -macerate it to get shredded rapeseed, compress this to get compressed rapeseed. extract this to get rapeseed oil.
    -rapeseed oil can be canned with empty cells (probably multiple oil per cell) to get ready made biofuel cells, or put in a furnace to get dried rapeseed.
    -dried rapeseed can be used in furnaces/generators as fuel. burning this is slightly less efficient than making it into fuel.
    -looks like a tall green plant, with lots of yellow flowers when mature
    -industrial, yellow, burn, oil
    -trampling resets its growth timer
    -very high resistance to bugs normally, but very low when any adjacent rapeseed plants are infected.

    That's all my ideas for now, i hope you like them. I tried to make them original and realistic.

  • Corn Tier III or IV
    Just like real corn
    Green stalks as it grows which turns yellowish at the end
    It drops 2 pieces of corn and 1 seed per.
    Can be used to attract animals within a certain radius can be cooked to produce food same as bread


    That's a rather cool idea, but a lone tree is suspicious, better plant some more. So really... forget about solar-flowers, solar-trees are the next generation :P

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