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  • Greg, i have and idea: Electrum wires! They could lose 1eu every 5 blocks, and accept up to 128eu/t. With the several MV machines you have, and all the supplus electrum i have around, this would be a great addition :D

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  • seems to be a bit of a bug with translocator. When i give it power and put something in the filter slot, some of them won't "translocate", it will only sit there.

    Btw, will the translocator put things in pipes?

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  • Greg, I have a suggestion that will help a lot with the mod. right now it is impossible to pipe cells / cans into centrifuge from any side, they do not go into the correct slot. Could you please correct that and allow proper placement? For example, items to be centrafuged from top and then cells from left maybe?

    does not work with translocators either, it always puts it into top slot, even if you specify another slot.

    After playing around for a while I found that it does work if you pipe from below.

  • Hey greg, your gui's don't pull from the texturepacks folder. From what I've heard from other modders its as simple to fix as putting a / or \ (don't remember which) infront of your gui calls.

  • I know that Way of Energygeneration. Nether is much better than that.

    Yes, of course it's better. No doubt about that, I just said that there is a ton of lava available on the overworld as well. It's just not as easy to get.

    Btw: I autoadd Lava to the IC²-Miner-List as well as any registered Ores, so you can pump out the Nether using IC²-Pumps + Miners, and you get your Netherores (Pyrite is very abundant under those lakes) from there.

    Wasn't lava there already? Pretty sure I was able to pump it out in the range that IC2 pump (or more accurately, mining scanner) since at least 1.2.5 of MC without your addon.

    Though I do believe that water is not on the list so it makes the pump be a rather bad way to get water cells. Of course I can just use thermal expansion's liquid transposer to get it into cells but that requires water in pipes/tanks.

    Though the reason I don't like IC2 pump for lava that much is that it has non-existent range compared to BC (and redpower2) one 9x9 vs something like 64x64 is pretty huge difference. Though now that I can actually get back those cells via industrial centrifuge or thermalexpansion liquid transposer I might reconsider.

    I will very likely remove Iron from the List of things you get from centrifuging Lava. Not because i think its OP, its just because you can already get tons of it from Pyrite Ore, and I want to make the Nether a bit more self sustaining, so I will change it probably to Copper Ingots.

    You can get iron from lava somehow? I've got a ton of mods but I can't see it in the NEI anywhere. Industrial centrifuge shows me only one recipe with lava (64 of it to 6 electrum, 8 tin, 1 tungsten dust and 32 pyrite dust). Or did you mean electrolyzing the resulting pyrite dust?
    Though I'd say iron is one thing I'm constantly running out of. Railcraft and your own multiblock structures need a HUGE amounts of it. I'm saving it by using bronze for everything else but still I'm constantly hunting for more.

    Not hard at all, but i have a Limit of 16 Diffrent Ores (8 already used), so things like Titanium or Platinum will not directly get added.

    Understandable but are there any mods that don't generate some 20+ other ores just to get titanium and platinum?

    I asked this once earlier but got no reply, trying again :)
    I think IC2 miner is a bit underwhelming for end-game. With best current scanner it covers less than one third of a chunk. So to get a single iridium ore I'd need to perform 16 mining operations on average (either moving it around or having several run in parallel). Looking at the amount of stuff needed in later game it seems to be a pretty major bottleneck. Of course I could just go with other mods that have OP-ish mining* but that isn't all that fun, at least for me. I'd like to have a more expensive sanner (and/or drill) that would inrease the miner's range to something more end game worthy. Alternatively you could just provide your own version of a highly-advanced miner :)

    *) In the order of OP-ness:
    1) computercraft turtles - extremely cheap to make, fire&forget, mines at around 2 blocks per second with any decent mining program. Can go to 3 with more advanced ones (ab)using enderchests
    2) steve's charts - somewhat balanced resource-wise but once you have a decent miner it takes no time to excavate big areas. Needs a bit of babysitting to mine in an area
    3) BC quarry - with your mod it's a bit more expensive now but still pretty much fire&forget. I believe in 1.4.5 version it is now significantly faster too as it is allowed to take in MUCH more energy than before.
    4) IC2 miner - several tiers through drills and scanners. Needs some babysitting to move it around, doesn't give you too much useless resources
    5) RP2 frame quarry - extremely advanced setup but once it's running it can be anywhere from nearly useless to insanely OP.
    6) regular railcraft tunnel bore - I've actually never used it as it seemed so inefficient.

  • 1. I agree, out of the box they aren't very "powerful" but with a decent program it can do pretty much anything. However for someone like me, who can't code, I'd just like to see a "goto" program built in. In the same way as excavate/tunnel. But yeah, the turtle is basically a quarry if you want it to be.
    2. Haven't really played around that much with the mod so far. However if you're playing with railcraft, rails aren't exactly "cheap". It's fun tho from what I've seen/done with that mod.
    3. Quarry is just one of those things that people like a lot. The first one is rather expensive and it does require BC power if you don't use crossover mods.
    4. IC2 miner is a laugh. Not sure what that thing is even doing on the list. Sure, it may have some uses but you're way better off either mining yourself or using another mod. It takes way too much time to set up, initialize, power up etc. It's easier to set up using various mods to help with the power, but beside that I always found it pretty weak and "useless". Note) With RP2 and frames, it's another story, that is true.
    5. RP2 frame quarry is insanely op, people just live in their fantasy world and ignore the fact.
    6. Totally useless. I've never used it and I doubt I ever will.

  • Have you considered making some of your machines compatible with ComputerCraft as peripherals? In particular I'd like to be able to read the time remaining on centrifuges and matter fabricators (I'm using a slightly outdated version, before electrolyzers), but as the matter fabricator is my most advanced machine I haven't seen for myself what would be useful on the more expensive machines. Some ideas though: (of things that could be useful to read using ComputerCraft)

    • Fusion reactor - EU stored
    • Fusion reactor - whether it's currently fusing
    • Fusion reactor - number of cells left in the input slot
    • Fusion reactor - time left in this operation
    • Lightning rod - EU in internal storage
    • Quantum chest - number of items stored (including output slot)
    • LESU/IDSU/AESU - EU stored
    • LESU - Output eu/t (maybe not, since this doesn't change by itself)
    • Centrifuge - time remaining
    • Matter fabricator - EU remaining

    Also, your GUIs open on the client and server, when they should only be opened from the server - remember to check World.isRemote.

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    Greg, your mod is incompatible with Craft and Enchant. Why would you need to edit the enchantment files? For the Rock Cutter?

    **I already posted in the Craft and Enchant topic.

    So they don't let me remove Recipes? It's their Problem.

    Hey greg, your gui's don't pull from the texturepacks folder. From what I've heard from other modders its as simple to fix as putting a / or \ (don't remember which) infront of your gui calls.

    Its "/" (Slash) as "\" (Backslash) is a special code. And I think its already there. Does it need 2 of them? I will look at the IC²-GUI-Screens.

    @CC: I will look into that.

    @GUI: Are you sure? I am pretty sure the GUI-Handler opens the GUI-Screens only Clientside, and Containers ever need to be Serverside too.

  • Here is my transformation station:
    What it does is it coverts 32768 EU/t from the fusion reactor all the way into low voltage for low tier machines, the EU/t is carried over.
    Resources needed: 4x Super Condensator, 16x HV-Transformer, 64x MV-Transformer, 256x LV-Transformer and more than 680x Superconductor Wire (excluding the fusion reactor and fusion coils)
    Good luck building this legitimately in survival :P

    Fusion Power Engineering Industries® Making Fusion™ Automation Chamber© is DONE!!!!!!!! HAYO!!!

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  • Personally I'd rate the quarry as much more overpowered than Steves Carts, the basic drill cart (which is still not exactly cheap requires a ton of iron as well as a few diamonds and some other bits and pieces) only mines a 3x3 tunnel in a single direction (and without abusing other mods cheap chunkloaders, the mods own chunkloader is very expensive) it needs constant babysitting to not go into unloaded chunks and stop. The next step up which is a 5x5 tunnel is very expensive a full stack of diamonds near enough as well as a load of iron and once again a few other bits an pieces they also require a couple stacks of coal to actually make and do require fueling while they work as well as other various other consumables (bridge mats, torches). Truthfully I think Greg would enjoy the tiering of Steves Carts, I know I do and I enjoy the tiering of Gregtech (bloody blast furnaces). The carts nicely sidestep the "magic block" issue and the higher tier carts require a vast amount of resources but they are also quite powerful.

  • Anyway, Greg, might it be possible for you to detect CC and modify it's recipes? I dislike the fact that you get such a powerful tool with stone-age materials.

    Second, as people look forward to a higher-tier miner. What about a multiblock structure that uses an algorithm to determine the height of the drillpole? It would use 4 mining pipes per operation and like 30x the energy. It would either require multiple diamond drills or a separate item, be it an advanced bore, some laser stuff or a combination, something expensive.
    Every x layer added would increase it's drilling radius by z, up to a maximum radius of 23 (Ignoring the middle 2x2: 16-7-2-7-16)


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